Simpson Colloquium (SC 101)

Simpson Colloquium is a first-year seminar that seeks to integrate you into Simpson’s academic culture of engaged citizenship in your first semester on campus. The course has a few goals. First, it familiarizes you with the tradition of liberal arts education through focused study of important issues – or “big questions.” Second, the course gives you a solid foundation for future academic success, by focusing on essential skills (Written Communications and Critical Thinking) and introducing you to campus resources. Finally, SC 101 gives you opportunities to grow personally and intellectually, so you can make a smooth transition to college.

There is an SC 101 class for just about every interest.  Every SC 101 is a small seminar (18 or fewer students) and learning community. Two outstanding students (an SC Leader and a Writing Fellow) and a Simpson professor – who will serve as your first-year advisor – will help you make the transition from high school to college. You will meet your professor and SC Leader at Summer Registration, where they will help you register for your other fall courses.

To help you further understand the purpose of the Simpson Colloquium and to guide you in selecting course options, we have prepared this video.

For more information, contact:Gammon on the shore


Mark Gammon, PhD
Simpson Colloquium Director
Professor of Religion

(515) 961-1685