Simpson Colloquium (SC 101) Courses

The academic core of the First Year Program is the Simpson Colloquium (SC 101), a 4-credit, full semester course limited to 18 students. The professor teaching the SC 101 will be your academic advisor for most of your first year of college. An SC Leader (peer mentor) and Writing Fellow (essentially a writing tutor) will also help you with your transition to college life. The members of your SC 101 are a small community within a community, helping you adjust to living in the dorms and the rigors of academic life at Simpson.

You’ll meet students in your SC 101, SC Leaders, and your professor at Summer Registration in June. At that time, you will be advised and sign up for your remaining fall classes!

Fall 2016 Simpson Colloquium Courses:

(Please continue to check back as course pages are updated!)

Argumentation and Debate

Eat, Drink and be Wary: How the things you put in your mouth affect you and the planet

Finding Camelot

Give My Regards to Broadway

Junk Science: Exercise and Fitness

Lost Horizons: Thinking Utopia in a Dystopian Age

“Money – It’s a Gas!”

The 1960s: Why They Matter in the 2010s

Not Just a Pretty Picture

The Path

The Power of Big Data

Prohibition and the Impulse to Legislate Personal Behavior

Representation of Self in Graphic Biographies and Novels

Talk Data to Me

Travel the Trail of Tears: Cherokee Indian Removal

12 Songs

Watching Human Rights: Film Study and Human Rights Issues

Who Tells the Story? Exploring Politics Through Art

Why Walking Matters

Your Brain on Nature