Simpson Colloquium Courses (SC 101)

The academic core of the First Year Program is the Simpson Colloquium, which is a first semester college course, limited to 18 students, that seeks to integrate new students into academic culture focused on engaged citizenship.

The 4-credit, full semester course serves several purposes.

First, it familiarizes students with the tradition of liberal arts education through the focused study of important issues – “big questions.”

Second, the course provides students with a solid foundation for future academic work, both by focusing on essential skills (Written Communications and Critical Thinking) and by introducing them to campus resources.

Finally, Simpson Colloquium provides students with opportunities to grow personally and intellectually, thereby enhancing their satisfaction with college life.

The professor teaching the course will become your academic advisor, and is assisted by upper-class students in the roles of Simpson Colloquium Leader (SCL) and Writing Fellow.

They and the other students in the class become a small community that will help you make the transition from high school to college, from living at home to living in a dorm, and from being dependent on others to becoming an independent adult.

You’ll get to meet members of your class, your SCL, and your Writing Fellow during Summer Registration and Welcome Week. With an academic advisor, you will sign up for your remaining fall semester courses when you come to Summer Registration!

Fall 2014 Simpson Colloquium Courses:

Fear and Happiness in America

Choice and Consequence

Prohibition and the Impulse to Legislate Behavior

Apocalypse Now and Then

Big Data

American Health Care

The Search for Success

Nature vs. Nurture

Canine Connections

If You Build It They Will Come: A Biomathematical Approach to Restoration

The First Spin Doctors: Propaganda and Public Opinion

Human Rights in Film and Theatre

The Problem of Evil


Leadership and You

Can You See What I’m Saying?

How Screwed Is the Earth?

(Re)viewing the Romance

Junk Science (nutrition focus)

Junk Science (exercise and injury focus)