Simpson Colloquium (SC 101) Courses

The academic core of the First Year Program is the Simpson Colloquium (SC 101), a 4-credit, full semester course limited to 18 students. The professor teaching the SC 101 will be your academic advisor for most of your first year of college. An SC Leader (peer mentor) and Writing Fellow (essentially a writing tutor) will also help you with your transition to college life. The members of your SC 101 are a small community within a community, helping you adjust to living in the residence halls and the rigors of academic life at Simpson.

You’ll meet students in your SC 101, SC Leaders, and your professor at Summer Registration in April or June. At that time, you will be advised and sign up for your remaining fall classes!

Fall 2018 Simpson Colloquium Courses:

The American Musical and Diversity (Matthew Lau)

Conformity and Rebellion in a Free Society (Mark Freyberg)

Cultural “Truths” in Song (David Wolf)

Discovering Identity through Artistic Practice (Justin Nostrala)

Finding Camelot (Rebecca Livingstone)

The Galactic Senate (Eduardo Magalhaes)

The Galactic Senate (Nick Proctor)

H 2 Uh-Oh (Heidi Berger)

The Healing Power of Theatre (Jennifer Nostrala)

In Deep Water (Clint Meyer)

Justice League (Chad Timm)

Love as Strong as Death: Images of Love and Death in Christian Context (Maeve Callan)

Money – It’s a Gas (Mark Green)

The Path (Tracy Dinesen)

The Semester from Hell (Mark Gammon)

The World of Rural Iowa (John Pauley)

Your Toaster is Watching You: Exploring a “Smarter” Society through Internet of Things (Todd Little)

The ’60s @50 (Brian Steffen)

Honors Simpson Colloquium Course:

“Just” Immigration (Allison Wolf)