Simpson Colloquium (SC 101) Courses

The academic core of the First Year Program is the Simpson Colloquium (SC 101), a 4-credit, full semester course limited to 18 students. The professor teaching the SC 101 will be your academic advisor for most of your first year of college. An SC Leader (orientation leader) and Writing Fellow (essentially a writing tutor) will also help you with your transition to college life. The members of your SC 101 are a small community within a community, helping you adjust to living in the dorms and the rigors of academic life at Simpson.

You’ll meet students in your SC 101, SC Leaders, and your professor at Summer Registration in June. At that time, you will be advised and sign up for your remaining fall classes!

To learn more about the Simpson Colloquium, please watch this video.

Fall 2015 Simpson Colloquium Courses:

Discovering Identity through Art

Junk Science: Myths and Medicine

Money – It’s a Gas

Humanity, Ethics, and Science

Millennials and the Media

The Power of Big Data

Subtly Shaping Young Minds

Some Truth in Song and Poetry

Is Everything We Know About Baseball Wrong?

Rock and Roll

Jazz, Race, and American Society

Seeing Color: Exploring Racism in America

Final Frontier: Visions of Space and the Future

Humans Are Dumb

Semester from Hell: A Biography of Satan

Conformity and Rebellion

Junk Science: Exercise and Fitness

Eco-Arts and Media

The Pursuit of Happiness

Argumentation and Debate