Can You See What I Am Saying?

Simpson Colloquium SC-101

Art has been a major force in shaping our thoughts and lives from the beginning of recorded time. As humans, our first communications were paintings on cave walls. These works of art are the beginning of our discovery of art. We will explore visual elements of art, properties of various media, major historical styles, and the purposes of art in society. We will critically analyze works of art through readings, videos, and discussions about how to interpret possible meanings the art is conveying. As part of the class, we will attend Simpson Forum events related to the arts and all the Farnham Gallery artists’ presentations. We will also visit Des Moines Art Center and Pappajohn Sculpture Park to study public art installations.

David RichmondMeet Your Professor 

David Richmond, M.A., MFA
Professor of Art

David Richmond, Professor of Art at Simpson College, has enjoyed wide-ranging experiences in graphic design, photography and visual storytelling over his 30-year professional career.

His academic teaching background includes photography and design at the University of Iowa College of Art and Art History; graphic design at Dickinson University in North Dakota; and art and photography at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. At Dickinson University, Prof. Richmond developed the institution’s first graphic design program.

Always curious and eager to inspire students, Prof. Richmond most recently led a Simpson group to China for a photographic tour of that country. He also led a committee that successfully acquired an NEA grant for Simpson College.

Prof. Richmond received his bachelor of fine arts, a master of arts and a master of fine arts from the University of Iowa.