Conformity and Rebellion: In the Belly of a Free Society

Simpson colloquium 101           M W F  10:20AM – 11:20PM 

Are you a bomb-thrower or a suck-up? Don’t like those choices? This course might help you to re-phrase the question. Conformity and rebellion are not polar opposites: we sometimes conform thinking we are rebelling, and vice-versa. Arguably, a free community demands some level of both conformity and rebellion. But what level? When should we conform, and when rebel? How much tolerance should we grant other people’s rebellion (or conformity)? This course asks you to think deeply about conformity and rebellion in the context of case studies from different cultures and historical eras. Buckle-up: we will take a close look at war, rape, genocide… and school.

Meet Your Professor
Mark Freyberg, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology

Mark FreybergI come from a most conservative place. Appleton, WI was the birthplace of Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the center of his political base; it now is the international headquarters of the John Birch Society. I remember it fondly, but not for its politics. In the 1960s and 70s, all the working-class kids assumed we would end-up in the paper factories. While America heaved and twisted under protest and reaction, I begged my parents to move the family to Madison. I did finally leave Appleton, but my ticket out was a tour in the U.S. Navy: it seemed the only way I could obtain the money I needed to go to college.

The Navy, of course, changed me. I visited South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. I pushed-away shoeless beggars, then returned home to supermarkets with 70 brands of breakfast cereal. And then I noticed the lines of early-risers gathered in Jacksonville to sell their blood plasma for $15, and noted how much they resembled the beggars overseas. I’m too selfish to be called a humanitarian, but I knew something needed to change.

I studied international development at UW-Green Bay, then social change at the U. Michigan. What I learned is that fiery leaders and radical policies and new technology can bring change, but the nature of that change will depend on how large masses of ordinary people understand and react to their everyday world. Hence a course in conformity and rebellion: it all starts with us. You want to be free? Free your neighbor.

 Meet Your Simpson Colloquium Leader
Hunter Banes

8Hunter.BanesHello fellow Storm, my name is Hunter Banes, you’ll soon find out almost everyone on campus knows me as “Chubbs”. I have no idea how the nickname got chosen, but that’s neither here nor there. I will be a sophomore in the fall of 2013. I am the Simpson Colloquium Leader for Mark Freyberg’s class, Conformity and Rebellion. I took the class last year as a freshman and enjoyed it a lot. I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology, I don’t know what I want to do yet except that I would like to work with children. I come from Marion, Iowa and played football and wrestled in highschool. I came to Simpson to play football and fell in love with the school. I no longer play football due to an injury. As a brother of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity here at Simpson, I advocate for people to join Greek Life, I feel it was my best decision I made here at Simpson so far. I’m very outgoing and look forward to meeting all my future SC classmates. My job is to make sure everyone’s transition from highschool to college life is as smooth as possible and to teach you college level academic skills. My goal is to make sure you can feel comfortable to approach me with any questions, academic or otherwise. 

 Meet Your Writing Fellow
Hannah Pettorini

8HannahHello! My name is Hannah Pettorini. I hail from Urbandale Iowa where I live with my three brothers, my rabbit and my parrot. This Fall, I’ll be a sophomore here at Simpson.  I’m majoring in Philosophy and English, with a minor in Sociology. I’m also involved in music activities such as band and orchestra on the flute and piccolo. I love to write both in academic and creative ways. And I love to help others better their own writing. Other hobbies of mine are cartooning, illustrating, reading, and hanging out with friends. I love to meet new people and listen to life stories. As writing fellow, my job focuses mostly on writing abilities; however, I’m also here to help your transition into the college lifestyle. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 



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