SC 101: The Galactic Senate

In the Outer Rim, allies of Leia Organa’s Resistance are gathering. After the death of Supreme Leader Snoke, and the growing schism between Kylo Ren and Armitage Hux, many see an opportunity. Several dozen systems are sending representatives to a reconstituted senate, which must face a number of complex issues, including:

  • Trying stormtroopers for war crimes.
  • Addressing issues of gender among alien species and cultures.
  • Condemning the terroristic tactics of the Resistance.
  • Managing relations with the Jedi.
  • Constructing a “Peace Star” to defeat the First Order.
  • Emancipating droids.
  • Dealing with crime syndicates.
  • Designing a permanent new government.

This course will involve role-playing as representatives from systems around the galaxy. We will begin the semester by reading Bloodline, which describes Leia’s experiences with galactic politics before Episode VII. As the semester progresses, we will read a number of other texts, which should allow us to draw parallels between the issues we face in the Star Wars universe and the contemporary world.


Meet Your ProfessorEduardo Magalhaes '12

Professor of Political Science

Eduardo Magalhaes, PhD

Even though I have a very unusual name, I was actually born in Peoria, Illinois, but when I was fourteen my family moved back to my father’s hometown in Brazil, where I lived for two and a half years. I moved back to the US to live with my grandparents and finished high school in Kewanee, Illinois (the hog capital of the world!). From there I went to Monmouth College in Illinois and majored in Government and Psychology. I met my wife Terri at Monmouth and because she is from Iowa, I went to the University of Iowa for grad school in Political Science, where I got my PhD in 1991. Since then I have been teaching Political Science at Simpson. I teach a broad range of courses at Simpson in comparative politics, international relations, minority politics and American government. My wife and I and our four kids (Lydia 21 and Nathan 19 who are students at Simpson, and Elliot 17 and Ryan 15 who attend Indianola High School) live on a small acreage west of Indianola. We love traveling, movies, and the State Fair, among other things.


Meet Your SC Leader

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ryan Courtney and I will be the SC Leader for Dr. Eduardo Magalhaes’s SC 101 course, The Galactic Senate. I will be a sophomore this fall. I am majoring in Chemistry with minors in Secondary Education and Coaching.

I grew up in Humboldt, Iowa, about two hours north of Indianola, and graduated from Humboldt High School. In high school, I was involved in cross country, basketball, track and field, Student Senate, quiz bowl, and FCA. I also work at the Humboldt Family Aquatic Center.

Here at Simpson, I continue to be involved as an athlete on the Storm Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Running is a huge part of my life, but when I’m not doing that, chances are that I’m studying, hanging out with friends, playing video games, watching Netflix or sports, doing something outdoors, or attending a Storm sporting event!

Simpson is like my second home, and I hope that I can help you feel the same way during your first semester. I am super excited to share the beginnings of your college experience with you, and I cannot wait to meet you at Summer Orientation and Registration! Roll Storm!!!

Meet Your Writing Fellow