A Day to Celebrate the Success of Simpson Students

 We talk a lot about success at Simpson College – success in choosing a career path, success in enjoying a fully engaged campus experience, success in joining together to serve others.

While we celebrate the successes and achievements of our students every day, one day stands out. This year, that day was April 24, when Simpson held the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium as well as the 2014 Honors Convocation.

Throughout the day, Simpson students exhibited their scholarly work at the Research Symposium. through the presentation of papers, performances, posters and/or panel discussions.

Then, at mid-day, the campus community gathered in Smith Chapel for the Honors Convocation, in which dozens of students and two faculty members were recognized.

Patricia Calkins, professor of German, received the 2014 Faculty Award for Campus Leadership.

“She leads by example, listens to concerns and ultimately has the best interests of our students, faculty and the college in mind,” Simpson President Jay Simmons said in presenting the award.

Maeve Callan, professor of religion, was awarded the 2014 Faculty Award for Distinguished Research.

During the past two years, she has published or presented several of her research projects.  Her book, The Templars, the Witch, and the Wild Irish: Vengeance and Heresy in Medieval Ireland will be published later this year by Cornell University Press.  She has contributed a chapter to a Brepols Press book that is also forthcoming: Nuns’ Literacies in Medieval Europe.  Last year, two of her published articles received attention both in Ireland and in the United States.

Students also were honored for their academic achievements:

Carl Halgren Certificate of Excellence in Psychology — Miranda Dean

Everett Laning Award in Sociology — Katherine Haganman

Outstanding Senior in Criminal Justice — Rachel Brown

Horizon Award — Ashley Buchanan

Dick Starr Award — Russ Fairfield

Outstanding Senior in Sports Science — Allison Barloon

Leadership in Education — Steffanie Elkin

Outstanding Senior in Elementary Education — Kaitlyn Lipovac

Dr. Donna J. Helble ’71 Award Winner for Outstanding

Junior in Elementary Education — Alyssa Ahrenholtz

Outstanding Senior in Secondary Education — Ryan Stumbo

Outstanding Graduate Student in Secondary Education — Michelle Baack

ETS Recognition of Excellence Awards for Praxis II Content Exams — Steffanie Elkin, Abigail Harris, Lauren King, Emily Dornbusch, Taylor Williams.

Outstanding Senior in Humanities — Kandi Erwin

Joe Walt Senior History Award — Annie Olson

Leopold Award in History — Jordan Rude

Roger Betsworth Outstanding Senior in Religion — Brett Stadtlander

Clerk’s Award — Maureen Snook

Outstanding Senior in English — Kandi Erwin

Outstanding Student in World Language and Culture Studies — Kandi Erwin

L. Mildred Wilson Science Award — Kelly Bruett

Doft Science Honor Awards — Andrea Avery, Erin Brown, Haley Danforth, Cheyanne Godwin, Jared Grove, Justin Hayes, Sarah Jermeland, Louis Joslyn, Kyle Kusy, Katherine Lazenby, Amy Loverin, Connor McDermott, Lauren Mulder, Anna Pierce, Sara Reed, Rachel Rice, Trey Scott, Connor Uhlman, Adam Brustkern

Outstanding Senior in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Forensics — Lauren Schemmel

Outstanding Seniors in Physics — Rob Heise, Mike Henry

Margaret L. Watson Awards in Biology — Brittany K. Gochenour (Senior) Lauren M. Mulder (Junior)

Dr. Alan and Karen Orr Biology Research Scholars — Ze-Hui Ng

Outstanding Senior in Environmental Science — Derek C. Entz

Joe K. Moody Research Scholarship — Lauren M. Mulder

Hiram Doty Research Award — John R. Greaves

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science — Linsey Williams

Outstanding Senior in Computer Information Systems — Joel Gawarecki

Outstanding Seniors in Mathematics — Casey Croson, Michael Frank

Outstanding Senior in Actuarial Science — Abby Lantzky

Outstanding Senior in Political Science — Kat Vampola

Outstanding Senior in Integrated Marketing Communication – Ryan Rohlf

Outstanding Senior in Multimedia Journalism — Rachel Peterson

Outstanding Senior in Marketing — Ryan C. Rohlf

Outstanding Senior in Management — Kimberly N. Rogers

R.J. Samson Enactus Award — Taylor M. Sharp

Outstanding Senior in Global Management — Emma K. Negrete

Lisle C. Wilson Outstanding Junior — Ethan C. Fredrick

Feyerharm Award for Outstanding Juniors — Kelly A. Bruett,

Sara J. Reed

Heckert Award-Outstanding Senior in Economics — Matthew J. Nichols

Financial Executives International Awards — Zachary D. Ripka, Hilary E. Zarr

Institute of Management Accountants Andrea L. Gerlach

Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants — Alissa A. Deutsch

Eberhart International Scholarship — Melaku W. Woldemariam

Alpha Psi Omega Junior Award — Stacie Kjellsen

Outstanding Senior in Theatre Arts — Ethan Newman

Outstanding Sophomore Portfolio — Christopher Nickel

Outstanding Senior in Art — Leif Jeppson

Frank Barrows Award — Antoinette Konow

Douglas J. Duncan Music Award — Brandon Douglas

Sven and Mildred Lekberg Music Award — Ben Lempka, Ella Ward

Music Performing Honors — Rebecca Claborn, Joe Farrand, Meghan Kasanders, Emma LeValley, Jenna Smith

Volunteers of the Year Award — Lance Kramer, Emily McGann

Jordan Science Achievement Award — Kylie Van Houten

ODK Emerging Leader Award — Tyler Stokesbary

E.G. Booth Award — Morgan Terpstra

Alpha Lambda Delta Society’s Maria Leonard Book Award — Steffanie Elkin

Women’s and Gender Studies Program Scholarship Award — Brett Stadtlander

Women’s and Gender Studies Program Activism Award — Kristina Kelehan, Eduardo Magalhaes 

Writing in the Disciplines — Stacy Bergeson, Chelsea Hamerlinck

Barborka Award — Joe Farrand

President’s Award in Human Relations — Ulices Flores

Campus Leadership Award – Dr. Patricia Calkins, professor of German

Distinguished Research Award – Dr. Maeve Callan, professor of religion.