College, Church Strengthen Bonds on “Simpson Sunday”

By Ben Rodgers, ‘15

Twice each year, Simpson College and the First United Methodist Church in Indianola recognize and renew the bonds that date back to the college’s founding in 1860.

It’s called “Simpson Sunday,” a day in which the college takes responsibility for much of the three services, including the music and sermons.

This past Sunday, for example, the services included a performance by the Simpson’s Women’s Choir and Chamber Choir. Fritz Wehrenberg, the Simpson chaplain, provided the sermon.

Both Chaplain Wehrenberg and the Rev. Kay Hooper, senior pastor of Indianola First United Methodist Church and an ex-officio member of the college’s board of trustees, believe that Simpson Sunday is important to both Simpson College and First United Methodist Church (FUMC).

“It honors the history between the two communities,” Wehrenberg said. “We don’t live in this world alone. That is as true for communities as it is for individual people. Simpson College was created by the Methodist Church, and FUMC has been a critical support in times of crisis over the past 151 years.”

Wehrenberg also believes that since Simpson College is part of the Indianola community, Simpson Sunday helps build important connections to the overall community.

Pastor Hooper agreed.

“We need to recognize that we have these historical ties and rekindle them,” she said.

In addition, she said Indianola church members always enjoy having the students visit and hearing the guest sermon.

“We are the ones blessed to have you come and share with us,” she said.

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