Debate Team Wins National Tournament

There’s no arguing with the success of the Simpson College debate team.

Simpson dominated in winning the third annual College Public Forum (CPF) National Tournament, held on the Simpson campus Feb. 23rd.

In fact, the college produced a first for the event: A final round match featuring teams from the same school.

Ethan Fredrick and Jacy Gomez were named National Champions.  Nate Connealy and Alex Severn defeated Ottawa University on a 2-1 decision to place 2nd.

Fredrick captured the Top Speaker Award, while Gomez was named 4th speaker.

The Storm’s domination at this event is evident in the overall team standings:

  1. Simpson College, 65 points.
  2. Ohio University, 20 points.
  3.  Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kan., 15 points.
  4. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 10 points.
  5. Butler University, Indianapolis, 5 points.

After four rounds of preliminary debates, Simpson held three of the top four spots. The Storm lost only two rounds to finish with an impressive 13-2 record. The team of Fredrick/Gomez remained undefeated at 17-0 for the 2012-13 season.

Congratulations to everyone on the Simpson team: Connealy, Fredrick, Gomez, Severn, Steffi Lee and Dustin Peters. The coach is Spencer Waugh.

“I continue to be impressed by their drive to win with grace, their demonstration of respect and decorum in round, and their ability to represent Simpson on a national stage,” Waugh said.

The debate team now heads to St. Louis in March for National Tournament No. 2.

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