Faculty Art Show Now Appearing in Willis Gallery Through Jan. 26

Simpson art students are used to having their work critiqued by the College’s esteemed art faculty.

Now it’s the students’ turn.

The Simpson College Faculty Show is being held now through Jan. 26, 2018 in the Willis Gallery, located in the Kent Campus Center.

The show will feature the work of art faculty members David Richmond, Justin Nostrala, Cindy Fleagle and Bob Kling.

Each provided an artist’s statement:

Richmond: “I feel the sky is a giant backdrop for life. I have always enjoyed looking at the clouds in the sky. As a child, I would sit on a hillside with my friends and we would imagine images in the clouds. Our imagination would often take us from the sublime to the ridiculous. I started shooting digital images of clouds fifteen or twenty years ago. I enjoyed my ability to manipulate the cloud images in the software to bring out the subtle details. These works are also influenced by Alfred Stieglitz, whose photographs I have enjoyed over the years. His study of clouds from 1922 through the 1930’s inspired me to do this work.”

Nostrala: “This group of work was created during the summer of 2017. The work is mostly experimental. Wanting to step out of tighter representation, I sought to explore a more abstract way of depicting the human figure. Toward this end I allowed myself to focus more on the energy of mark-making and choosing color and imagery intuitively instead of spending energy on anatomical accuracy. This work is open to interpretation.”

Fleagle: “As a graphic designer I can use my design skills to market or build any type of business or brand. But what I enjoy most about graphic design is that it also allows me to incorporate my fine art skills into my design projects.”

Kling: “I am currently working on three different series of paintings. Since I have two other shows that will at some point, overlap this show, you may be viewing all or part of one of those series as some of these works will be switched with others throughout November.

“The three different series of works are based upon three different types of subject matter, but in each of those series I am also experimenting with the media and its application. Some of the works are in oil, some are acrylic and some are mixed media applying oil pastel over acrylic. In each of the series and in each of the media, I am also experimenting with the paint application – sometimes a painterly approach and sometime applying color in a heavy impasto with a painting knife.

“The three series are: the female nude figure, boats in water, and close-ups of flowers. My nude figure series is really an extension of a series I have been working on over the last two years. The last two paintings of the series was before a trip to Italy and as I was looking forward to collecting some more Venetian masks I decided to use Venetian masks in my painting, and brought several back from Venice for future work.

“My boats in water series also began several years ago in Mexico. What began as paintings of boats along the shoreline in Mexico has now turned to the brilliant colors of boats in the marinas in the south of France after a trip there two years ago. Here is where I really started to have fun with the painting knife with rich impastos of color.

“The third series is one I began many years ago and it’s that I return to from time to time. Using photos from the flowers in my garden, I take a delight in viewing them in real life but also love when they are large and brilliant in painted form with the sunlight dancing around and through them.”