For Hannah Hill ’17, Finding the Right Fit Made All the Difference

By Laura Wiersema ’18

When Hannah Hill ’17 was making her college decision, she visited 10 schools, but the final decision was easy for the Martensdale native.

Simpson simply felt right.

“I chose Simpson based on my experiences when on campus,” she said. “I had met with some faculty members who seemed very prepared and who had some great ideas about my future.”

Hill knows the value of a good college visit. Not only did hers greatly impact her decision, but she also helped others feel the same way by working for the admissions office on campus, something that challenged her shyness and pushed her out of her comfort zone.

“I am so much more confident now in all aspects of life and have found that the skills I developed in the Admissions Office are skills I can take to interviews and jobs,” she said.

Hill always encourages students looking for a college to visit frequently and get comfortable. Make the most of visits by meeting professors or doing an overnight visit.

“The only way to get a good feel for if somewhere can be your home for the next four years is to actually spend a little time there,” she said. “After you have, make a choice that truly feels right.”

Whether at work or in the classroom, Hill always felt she was being pushed to her full potential. She said Sal Meyers, director of faculty development and a professor of psychology, wanted nothing but the best from her.

“Sal is probably the most influential professor I had because she has always encouraged me to push myself,” Hill said. “In classes I had with her, she never allowed me to take the easy route because she believed I was more capable.

“I have been able to take that and use it in other areas of life, which has brought me great success.”

Now Hill is pushing herself to take on grad school. Equipped with her Simpson degrees in elementary education and liberal studies, and a minor in psychology, she plans to attend Creighton University to pursue a master’s of science in school counseling and preventive mental health.

Her end goal is to be an elementary school counselor, maybe even running her own mental health practice during the summers.

But it’s not all work and no play. Hill’s favorite memories of Simpson are some of the simplest, like taking late-night study breaks with friends during finals week and searching for the Homecoming Medallion.

“We were out for over an hour searching in bushes, boosting each other up to look on shelves, etc.,” she said. “We searched forever and sadly didn’t find it, but it was still one of the most fun nights I’ve had.”

That’s why Hill believes in making your school feel like your home. Where you spend all your time should be somewhere you enjoy.

“Even though your four years flies by, you want to make sure you are somewhere that makes the four years the best ones possible,” she said.