Former President Visits Simpson, Tells Students to Embrace Future

What’s it like to be a Simpson College student?

One day, you’re going to class and enjoying the fall weather.

The next, you’re chatting with a former president of the United States.

Welcome to Bobbi Fogle’s world. The Simpson sophomore introduced Bill Clinton during the former president’s stop in Indianola on Oct. 12 to promote wife Hillary’s presidential campaign and to encourage people to vote early.

“It was amazing,” Bobbi said. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Bobbi joined the Hillary Clinton campaign shortly after the former U.S. Secretary of State announced that she was running for president. That’s how she found herself in the Principal Black Box Theatre, introducing the former president to the crowd.

She and several other students also met him backstage before the event.

“He’s a very charismatic individual,” Bobbi said. “Like Hillary, when he talks to you, you feel like you’re actually important.”

Simpson College allows political parties and candidates to rent space on campus for events. The College does not endorse candidates.

Clinton, who spoke for about an hour, addressed the harsh tenor of the presidential campaign, asking students and others “not to reciprocate the road rage.”

Because of the College’s proximity to Des Moines, Simpson students discover that they can actively take part in political campaigns, and to hear a variety of politicians and office holder speak on campus.

Ask Bobbi Fogle.

“I’ve had so many opportunities at Simpson, political and otherwise,” she said. “I love it.”



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