Fun, fellowship highlight this year’s Greek Week activities

It’s time to celebrate being Greek at Simpson College! Each spring, the three sororities and four fraternities that make up the Greek community take part in friendly team competitions to promote unity, celebrate their values and have some fun together. The Simpson Greek Council sponsors the week’s worth of activities and this year’s theme is “Disney.”

Greek Week kicks off on Sunday, April 6 when the Greek Olympics commence. Olympic events include Tug of War, Human Pyramid, Pass the Orange, Eating Contest, Egg Toss, and Obstacle Course.

Each day that follows has additional chances for teams to collect points that will help them win the trophy and claim Greek dominance for the year. Other competitions include a Lip Sync Review, Jeopardy, Ultimate Musical Chairs, and a scavenger hunt.

New this year is a collaboration with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) which will be hosting the Goodwill Fashion Show as part of the week’s events. Money collected from each team’s Penny Wars will be donated to Goodwill at the end of the week.

Erin Wendover, sophomore, and junior Dylan Dejong are in charge of coordinating the week and overseeing a committee made up of one representative from every Greek house.

“The chapters are really excited about this year’s Disney theme and the collaborations with residence life and with the PRSSA,” said Wendover. “We think that it will bring new and exciting elements to the week. A lot of exciting things have gone into the week to make it the best one yet!”

Dejong adds, “Erin and I began planning Greek Week right around the time we got back from winter break so we’re both just really excited to see it all take shape!”

Junior Tessa Lengeling, president of Pi Beta Phi sorority is excited for this year’s events. “I always look forward to this week. While it is a lot of work for each house, it is also a lot of fun for everyone and helps to remind us why we became part of Greek life at Simpson.”

Here is the complete schedule of events:

Sunday April 6th


Tug of War

Human Pyramid

Pass the Orange

Eating Contest

Egg Toss

Obstacle Course: Dizzy Bat, Bobbing for Apples, Wheel Barrow, Balloon Puzzle, Sponge Relay


Monday April 7th – Thursday April 9th

Penny Wars

The goal is to collect as many pennies as possible in your container and for as many other containers to have as many non-pennies as possible. Money is worth points based on its monetary value. All money raised during Penny Wars will be donated to Goodwill.

Scavenger Hunt

Each team must use their own digital camera to record the respective location of each clue when it is found and document team members in each photo. Absolutely no use of transportation other than your own feet may be used during the duration of the event. There is a 2 hour time limit that will start at the beginning of the event.

All Greek Photo

Points will be awarded based on the percent of membership (per chapter) present in the photo.


The Riff Off (Sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia)

This is not a required event for Greek Week. However, it is highly encouraged that Greeks attend the Riff Off and are encouraged to make teams to compete in this competition.


Tuesday April 8th


The game will consist of three rounds of questions and as well as a final Jeopardy question.

Round 1 – Common knowledge and pop culture.

Round 2 – Academic related categories.

Round 3 – Simpson College, Greek Life and Alumni of Simpson College.

Final Jeopardy – Question from any of the previous categories.

All questions will be read by a judge from the faculty of Simpson College.


Wednesday April 9th

Ultimate Musical Chairs

Chairs are placed around the gym in no specific order. When the music plays participants walk around the gym. When the music stops, participants must find a chair, one person to a seat. Participants who do not find a chair are eliminated. 2 chairs are taken away every elimination, until 1 chair remains. Violence (pushing, shoving, tripping, etc.) will not be tolerated.


Thursday April 10th

Lip Sync Review

Each routine must utilize songs and costumes that coincide with the Greek Week theme. Routines must be between seven and 14 minutes long. Each routine must consist of a minimum of four males and four females, with a maximum of 12 performers. Each team is responsible for their own music, costumes, props, etc.


Goodwill Fashion Show

9th annual Goodwill Fashion Show, sponsored by PRSSA, features modeled outfits that were hand selected from local Goodwills. Goodwill will be the recipient of Penny Wars funds collected by the Greek teams throughout the week.



This event will follow the Lip Sync Review and will present the award to the winners of Greek Week. A dance will follow.