Getting Involved Earns National Honor for Simpson’s Kelsey Schott

By Laura Wiersema ‘18

Junior Kelsey Schott was awarded a $5,000 scholarship by the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) for her work with Simpson College’s Campus Activities Board (CAB).

Each year, the Alan Davis Scholarship is given to an outstanding undergraduate for innovation, creativity and pride in their school’s event and opportunities for the student body. Kelsey was chosen as the only recipient from a national poll of candidates.

Kelsey, who is from Bowdoinham, Maine, is majoring in religion and minoring in math and political science.

Rich Ramos, associate dean of students and CAB advisor, has worked with NACA for several years, attending conferences and representing Simpson within the national organization. He said there is no one more deserving than Kelsey.

“The scholarship is based around her involvement and her commitment to organizations and her commitment to student programming and student life and innovation,” Ramos said. “I think that’s what really qualifies her in a really good way.”

Since starting as CAB president in January 2016, Kelsey has overseen the successful implementation of a rewards system for students attending CAB-sponsored events. And the system appears to be working.

According to Kelsey, student attendance at CAB events has significantly increased since starting the system. Students even approach her, asking about the rewards to make sure they get their points.

Sophomore Sarah Baker of Omaha, Neb., membership chair for CAB, said Kelsey has even helped CAB itself work better.

“We’ve added so many members, our committees now have more power to self-govern, and it’s going really well,” she said. “We’re seeing great turnout to events, and people are having fun.”

Having consistent programming campus is something Kelsey strives for in CAB, especially with the increased number of students from out of state this year.

“I am passionate about CAB overall,” she said. “Being from out of state, at times it seems as though there are not many things going on at Simpson. One of my goals as president of CAB the past year has been to have programming every weekend on campus, since this has not always been the case.”

Kelsey credits her success in student organizations to her fellow CAB executives and mentors on campus. Being willing to get involved before coming to Simpson also helped Kelsey find her place in the Simpson community.

“My advice to students entering college would be to do what you are interested in and excited about,” she said. “I was involved in events and groups similar to CAB in high school, and that is why I continued this type of work through college.”

Ramos reiterated the importance of being active in the campus community, too. “The more that students are involved and the more they do outside of just studying, the more successful they are academically,” he said.

“There may be some bumps in the road but if you work through those bumps, you can do just about anything while you’re here and be successful at it.”



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