Iowa History Center to Move to New Home in Mary Berry Hall

The Iowa History Center will soon have a new home on the Simpson College campus.

The Center will move into Room 111 in Mary Berry Hall. Thanks to generous donations and a grant, the Center’s new space will be remodeled and outfitted.

Director Bill Friedricks said the Center has shared several different spaces since its founding in 2006, using the Craven Room in Dunn Library for small public events as well as the Faculty Services office in Mary Berry Hall for staff, scholars and work-study students.

“Once the new room is remodeled, it will allow us to centralize our operations and work together, as well as providing meeting space,” Friedricks said.

He said he hopes the move can take place later this semester, but that will depend on the construction schedule.

Donors have given more than $6,000 to help remodel the office. In addition, the Center received a grant for $4,775 from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership for furnishing and outfitting the center.

The Iowa History Center is another example of how a Simpson College education provides added value to students. The Center is committed to preserving and promoting the state’s history and encouraging a public conversation about the story of Iowa.

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