Majors/Minors Fair: A Big Success

Nearly 400 people attended this week’s Majors/Minors Fair on the Simpson campus as the annual event continues to increase in popularity.

Jennifer del Pino, director of Career Services, said the Majors/Minors fair serves several purposes:

  • Connects undecided students with information and services.
  • Provides information on all majors and minors in one place, at one time.
  • Connects students with advisors in their major.
  • Gives departments an opportunity to share changes in their majors with students.

Holding a Majors/Minors fair was suggested during a review of the academic advising program. Simpson held its first fair in the spring of 2011, and it has continued to be held each fall to prepare students for spring and May term registration.

A total of 120 students attended the first fair. This week, 300 students attended, along with 60 faculty, 30 student mentors and volunteers and eight administrator and staff members.

“Evaluations indicate that both faculty and students gain from pre-advising/registration information sharing,” del Pino said. “Undecided students find the fair particularly beneficial as they explore potential majors and minors.”

There are other benefits as well. “Students enjoyed meeting faculty, staff and other students as well as the popcorn and the celebrity quiz raffle competition,” she said.

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