Neuroscience Announced as Simpson’s Newest Major

Simpson College students now have the opportunity to major in neuroscience, a rapidly expanding field that can lead to many potential careers. The new major will bring together faculty members who represent diverse academic disciplines, and they couldn’t be more excited about the prospect.

“Neuroscience is one of the most exciting areas in biology right now.  Considering memory, aging, pain management and many other brain-related processes, neuroscience has the potential for major positive impact.”–Justin Brown, Assistant Professor of Biology

“I look at the brain as being the next frontier, that’s the place where we’re going to see the most exciting advances in the next 20 to 30 years. Technology has really gotten us to a place where we’re able to ask the kinds of questions we weren’t able to ask before.” ” –Jackie Brittingham, Professor and Chair of Biology. “

“Faculty members have long worked with individual students who wanted to pursue neuroscience, but we’ve really never had a true home for them. I’m enthusiastic about neuroscience because it’s collaborative and there’s an explosion of discovery in the field.” Don Evans, Professor and Chair of Psychology

Neuroscience could prove an attractive option for students who want to pursue careers medicine, psychology, and other health-related fields. To prepare students for interdisciplinary careers, the neuroscience major includes courses in biology, psychology, physics, chemistry, math, and philosophy.

Neuroscience touches on a wide range of scientific inquiries, from how to help Alzheimer’s patients to understanding addictions to showing why texting and driving overloads the brain.  “You don’t have to look very far in the news to find something about a discovery having to do with basic brain functioning,” Evans said.

Neuroscience majors will have the opportunity to conduct research on topics as varied as animal behavior, sensory perception, organ formation, pain management, and EEG recordings ofactivity in the human brain.

Students can begin declaring Neuroscience as a major this fall.

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