New Fitness Center Renovation Begins

Another exciting construction project is underway at Simpson College.

The Cowles/Carse Fitness Center Renovation will begin in early March and will create a first-class, comprehensive fitness complex.

The $6 million project will allow Simpson to offer exceptional resources for students, faculty and staff in one central location.

“One of the best parts of this project is that it will support our total education philosophy,” said John Sirianni, former athletic director who is currently involved in fundraising for the project. “It will greatly increase the opportunities for recreation, fitness, athletics and wellness for our campus community but it will also have a very positive impact on two of our most popular majors, Exercise Science and Athletic Training.”

Indeed the renovation and expansion of classrooms is a primary focus including additional classrooms and an exercise science and athletic training lab and a SwimEx rehabilitation and therapy pool that will create hands-on experiences for Simpson students.

Fitness Center Rendering

In the 20,000 square foot renovation, there will be a 4,500 square foot aerobic and strength training room, a 1,500 square foot dance studio and a 5,500 square foot strength and conditioning facility. Expanded wrestling space will also be housed in the lower level of the building.

Much of this renovation is possible in the current space because Simpson will be removing its swimming pool and repurposing that space for the fitness center. The college will partner with newly constructed Indianola YMCA to use their state of the art swimming facility for their competitive program.

The renovated fitness center will be connected to the brand new Kent Campus Center giving students nearly 170,000 square feet of activity space right in the center of campus. Sirianni commented, “Having these high quality facilities in the heart of campus is a great benefit for our students. It will be a great enhancement for the Simpson Experience and just one more way we are helping our students achieve success.”

Simpson's Fitness Center renovation

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