New Hydration Stations Help the Environment

By Ben Rodgers, ‘15

Simpson College is offering a new and efficient way to fill up your water bottle that also encourages everyone on campus to be more environmentally friendly.

If you go to Dunn Library, what you’ll see is not your average water fountain.

It’s a hydration station.

This water fountain includes a station to fill water bottles.  This station is connected to the water fountain with an added sensor, faucet and water bottle counter to show how many disposable water bottles have been saved.

To fill your bottle with these stations, you place your bottle under the faucet and it automatically activates. When you are done filling your water bottle the counter shows you how many water bottles you have saved.

So far, these hydration stations have saved more than 300 disposable water bottles.

The idea was proposed to the Student Government Association by junior Zach Huebener. He saw the hydration stations on another campus and thought it would be a great addition to Simpson College.

“They make filling up your water bottle quicker and more efficient,” Huebener said. “They also help decrease the use of disposable water bottles and will make people want to use reusable ones.”

One of the stations sits on the first floor of the library, and College Librarian/Archivist Cyd Dyer said the library may add a second one

“It’s encouraging students to drink more water and it looks really nice,” she said.

The SGA is also looking at adding a hydration station to McNeill Hall and Carver Science Center, at a total cost of about $1,300.

Student Body President Joe Sorensen believes the additional two stations are definitely worthy of SGA funding.

“It’s nice to see students are finding different ways to become sustainable,” he said.  “It’s amazing how many bottles these water filling stations have already saved.”

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