Return to College a Huge Success for Robert Wheeldon

By Laura Wiersema ’18

The decision to go back to school is often a difficult one. With the climbing cost of college, those who wish to continue their education can find it difficult to do so and still hold a full-time job.

In 2011, however, Robert Wheeldon chose Simpson College’s Continuing & Graduate Programs to finish his four-year degree in computer information systems. The night classes and various locations in the Des Moines area made the transition easy for him.

“Simpson had the best program for night students to finish off this type of degree,” he says.

Though balancing work at Sentinel Development Services in Des Moines and night classes at Simpson, Wheeldon still excelled. In fact, in spring 2017, he was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda, an honor society for nontraditional students who exemplify scholarship and leadership.

That honor was followed by another: Wheeldon received one of Alpha Sigma Lamda’s $3,000 scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year.

Once Wheeldon has completed his degree, he looks forward to working in a different capacity at his job, taking a work load off some of his co-workers by being more fluent in the code the company uses, and finding new success.

“I’m hoping, with the degree and work experience, to move more into the database administration at work,” he said.

If you’re thinking about finishing a four-year degree, Wheeldon offers this:

“Do it. I learned the hard way that just a two-year degree is frowned upon in the workplace now,” he said. “They all seem to want you to have a four-year degree, and Simpson seems to have a pretty solid reputation out there in the market.”