SafeBlock sets another record!

A year ago, the organizers of SafeBlock were thrilled that a record 225 area children came to Simpson to enjoy a safe Halloween.

Imagine how they felt Thursday night, when 300 children participated, shattering the old record.

That’s success, Simpson style.

And it’s another demonstration of the many ways Simpson strives to be a positive force in the Indianola, Warren County and central Iowa communities.

Consider: An estimated 250 Simpson students volunteered their time to participate.

“This is such a great event to host on campus each year,” said Luke Behaunek, director of Residence Life. “The students in RHA and their advisor, Fred Seel, did a wonderful job coordinating the event and welcoming so many families into our buildings. We were all very pleased with the willingness of our residential students to decorate their areas and pass out candy to local children.”

The student-led SafeBlock program invites area children to don their Halloween gear and receive treats, play games and take tours in residence halls and fraternities.

Simpson students go all out for the annual event. Many wear costumes. This year, 12 wings in Barker/Kresge were decorated and handed out candy, while three fraternities hosted tours. The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority assisted one of the fraternities.

In addition, Picken Hall and Barker Hall had “haunted houses” in their basements.

The event was hosted by the Residence Hall Association. Congratulations to the RHA and to Annie Collins and Tricia Ingram, co-chairs of the organization.

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