“SC in 3” — Simpson offers pathway to graduating in three years

Several years ago, Simpson College began a process to make it easier for students to graduate in three years.

We call it “SC in 3.”

Simpson’s “SC in 3″ pathway allows high school students entering college with 24 or more college credits to finish a full, high-quality Simpson degree in three years, decreasing the cost of college and increasing their earning potential.

SC in 3 provides students the opportunity to reach their goal of completing an undergraduate degree in less than four years without sacrificing quality or diminishing the educational experience.

SC in 3 works best for students with 24 earned college credits that are looking to complete a degree in the following:

For more information about SC in 3, contact our admissions office at:

(toll-free) (800) 362-2454
(local) (515) 961-1624


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