Seventeen Simpson Students Attend Media Convention

By Ben Rodgers ‘15

Seventeen Simpson communications students and their advisor recently discussed journalism, digital media and branding and career success at the National College Media Convention in Chicago.

The convention allows for college journalists throughout the country, representing newspapers, broadcast outlets, magazines and yearbooks, to come together and share ideas.

“The convention is designed to have 2,500 to 3000 students who are able to come, attend, meet, greet, interact with each other and attend different learning sessions,” said Brian Steffen, Simpson’s student media advisor. “About a thousand different ideas bloomed from our attendance at the convention, and that’s really what it’s there for.”

Along with interacting with other journalism students, the Simpson students attended learning sessions. These sessions focused on different aspects of journalism, such as new media strategies, digital first content, in-depth reporting, and self-branding.

“The sessions offered a lot of different information for a lot of different mediums, and I think there was something for everybody to go to,” said Madison Boswell, a junior who is majoring in integrated marketing communications.

One aspect that added to the students experience at the convention was the increasing role of social media.

“Throughout the convention social media played a very huge role,” said sophomore Mariah Young. “Before the conference even started there was an event Facebook page, so students could connect before actually gathering in Chicago.  Students also used the Facebook page and website to start feeling out what sessions they actually wanted to go to.

Along with Facebook, the convention also used the social media site Twitter.  Students were encouraged to tweet about what they were learning in sessions and from other attendees, using the Twitter hashtag #NCMC12.

“I followed the hashtag the whole time, so that was really fun being able to see not only what you were learning in your session, but other people were learning in theirs,” said junior Sarina Rhinehart. “It’s fun to be around other journalism majors because you see just how much more social media can expand than it already has.  It’s kind of like journalists are ahead of the game.”

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