Simpson Celebrates Easter in Many Different Ways

By Megan Lein ’15

Some will head home to spend the holiday with friends. Some will attend services on campus. Others are looking forward to having a day off from classes Monday to study.

The Simpson College community will celebrate this week’s Easter holiday in many different ways.

We posed this question to a few people on campus: What does Easter mean to you?

Annie Fullas ’14 – To me, Easter is a time where I can relax and spend time with family and friends at the end of a busy semester.

Carly Warner ’14 – Easter means spending time with my family and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We go to our grandma’s for a family meal and we hunt for Easter eggs on her farm.

Annie Collins ’16 – Easter has always been a really reflective time for me while growing up, which involved Maundy Thursday evening service, Sunrise Service at 7 a.m. Easter Sunday and the regular Celebration Service at 9 a.m.  Church has and still is a place that I spend time with my family as well as the church family of my congregation.  I really love Easter because of the symbolism of rebirth, which is reflected in the Methodist church as well as the season of Spring.  Easter brings hope, excitement and wonderful memories of me hunting for Easter eggs, wearing matching Easter dresses with my older sister and participating in the Sunrise service when I was a middle-schooler.  Now that I am in college, it is even more special that I get to travel home for the holiday weekend and reconnect with the congregation that I have not been able to be around as much during the semester.

Lance Kramer ’14 – Easter is a time to celebrate Jesus and be with family. Every year for Easter my family competes in silly games to win candy. Last year the game was how many clothespins can you put on your face – I won with 20. Laughter and joy is Easter for me.

Chaplain Mara Bailey — As a child, Easter was all about the fun—finding Easter eggs and baskets hidden by the Easter Bunny for my younger sister and I; big family meals; and new dresses.  Now that I am older, and especially with my work in a ministry field, Easter has taken on a new meaning.  After experiencing the emotional ups and downs of Holy Week, I look forward to all of the newness Easter morning brings—a day that for me, in my personal faith, signifies a renewal of hope in the world, and the promise of new life that can be found all around us.

Jacob McLain ’16 – As a religion major, I often get wrapped up in wrestling with the tough questions of faith. Easter is a reminder to look to the One with the answers.

Tori Halloran ’16 – Easter is an opportunity to come together with family. It’s not like Christmas, where the attention is focused on presents, but where family can come together to enjoy each other’s company and pass on traditions that we enjoyed when we were younger.

James Tillison ’16 – For me, Easter means change. From a Biblical point of view Easter marks a change in the world when Jesus was resurrected. For my family Easter also means change as every year we recognize how change throughout the year impacts our lives.


Many Holy Week activities are planned on campus, including:

*Thursday, April 17th, 7pm: Maundy (Holy) Thursday (Smith Chapel).  Maundy (Holy) Thursday observances commemorate the Last Supper Jesus spent with his followers.  This on-campus service will be held in conjunction with Crossroads United Church of Christ, and Rev. Jan Everhart, Professor of Religion, will be preaching.  Communion will be served (all are welcome to partake).

*Friday, April 18th, 12noon: Good Friday Prayer Service (Smith Chapel).  This brief (30-minute) prayer service will include readings from the Passion Narrative according to the Gospel of John found in the New Testament.

*Sunday, April 20th: Easter Sunday.  Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion.  We will have an on-campus Easter service on Wednesday, April 23rd at 9 pm during our weekly Quench worship in the chapel.

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