Simpson Partners with Mercy Clinics to offer Internships

Simpson College students hoping to pursue careers in the medical field will have the opportunity to work with Mercy Clinics through internships in its Des Moines-area clinics.

More than 15 students applied for the first round of internships, which began in the 2012 spring semester.  Katherine Bird, Endri Hidri and Brooke Johnson were selected for the pre-health internships. Patrick Alt, Kara Lovik and Kate Nelson were selected for the pre-physical therapy internships. These students are meeting throughout the semester on campus to share their experiences and participate in conversations lead by Mercy Clinics professionals on a variety of themes such as health information and patient privacy, patient experiences and satisfaction, health literacy and the future of healthcare.

“Our students and faculty are very excited about this opportunity,” said Jackie Brittingham, chair of Simpson’s Department of Biology. “This is a fantastic relationship with a highly respected health organization. It will greatly enhance our students’ educational experience and give them a leg up when it comes time to find jobs or apply to medical school.”

Mike LaVelle, director of physical therapy services for Mercy Clinics, said, “The pre-health internship is a unique opportunity for students to see and experience what clinical care is all about. Mercy is proud to partner with Simpson to offer this real-life internship for pre-health students.”

Following their internship, students will meet with Simpson faculty to process and reflect on what they have observed. Their experiences will help them identify personal strengths as well as areas they need to work on, Brittingham said.

For more information about the Mercy Clinics/Simpson College internships, contact the Simpson College Biology Department at (800) 362-2454

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