Simpson Poised to Benefit from Des Moines Job Growth


Forbes has just named Des Moines as the second-best city in the country for people seeking good, high-paying jobs over the next four years.

Why is this good news for Simpson College?

Because it confirms the message that Simpson has been sending to prospective students. The college’s central location puts our students in a great position to benefit from internship and job opportunities in the growing Des Moines metropolitan market.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Simpson President John Byrd said. “We offer an intimate, nurturing educational environment, where students receive individualized instruction, and yet we’re close enough to Des Moines to take advantage of the many career opportunities there.”

Forbes ranked Washington, D.C., as the top city for future job growth. Des Moines, the magazine said, “might be a little more surprising” in the No. 2 position.

“Relatively high household incomes and a low unemployment rate mean this capital city five-and-a-half hours west of Chicago is primed to add good jobs that newcomers can fill,” Forbes reported.

Moody’s Analytics estimates that employment in the Des Moines metro area will increase by 8.6 percent, or 36,000 jobs, by the end of 2016, according to Forbes.

“We believe Simpson graduates will be in a perfect position to get one of those good jobs,” Byrd said. “We have so many wonderful partnerships with Des Moines companies that we can offer our students guaranteed internships. That sets us apart.”

Simpson students have secured internships at a host of Des Moines-based companies, including the Meredith Corporation, Wells Fargo and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, which were mentioned in the Forbes report.

“We know that choosing a college is an enormous and important investment for students and their parents,” Byrd said. “Our location to the growing Des Moines market is another reason why Simpson represents a smart investment in a student’s future.”