Simpson Receives Grant to Participate in Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction

The Council of Independent Colleges has selected Simpson to participate in the second CIC Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction.

The workshops are made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

In a letter to Simpson, Richard Ekman, president of the Council of Independent Colleges, said, “CIC received many more proposals than the number of spaces available in the Consortium, and the volume and quality of the proposals reflect the commitment of independent colleges and universities to pedagogical innovation and excellence in the humanities. The selection committee was especially impressed by the high quality of your proposal. I offer you my warmest congratulations on being selected.”

This is great news for Simpson, said Sharon Wilkinson, professor of French and Department Chair of World Languages and Culture Studies.

“The CIC Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with other schools to bring the most innovative teaching and learning approaches to Simpson,” she said. “We are thrilled to have been selected to participate in this grant!”

Simpson will now be expected to send teams to three national workshops between now and the summer of 2018.

According to the CIC website, “The Consortium for Online Humanities Instruction has three goals: 1) to explore how online humanities instruction can improve student learning outcomes; 2) to determine how smaller, independent liberal arts institutions can make more effective use of their instructional resources and whether they can reduce costs through online humanities instruction and institutional collaboration; and 3) to provide an opportunity for CIC member institutions to build their capacity for online humanities instruction and share their successes with other liberal arts colleges.”