Simpson’s Rich Ramos Recognized By Peers for Student Programs

By Laura Wiersema ’18

Simpson College’s Rich Ramos doesn’t consider himself to be a role model, but those he’s worked with think otherwise.

Ramos, the associate dean of students, received the Patsy Morley Outstanding Programmer Award for his dedication and excellence in campus programs.

The award was presented last month in Baltimore at the 2017 conference of the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), and the recipient could not have been more surprised.

“I don’t think I’d classify myself as a role model because I think it’s more about doing stuff,” said Ramos, now in his 27th year at Simpson. “I genuinely like what I do. I like being here and I like putting in whatever time it is with students and I like the changing environment that is every single year. One year is never the same.”

According to NACA’s website, recipients of the award must work closely in the development of student leadership skills and creativity; develop activities programming at their institution; display good managerial skills; be viewed by their colleagues as an educator; and have an extraordinary impact on students’ lives, earning their respect.

Ramos was nominated by several people who have worked with him over the years. They cited his willingness to volunteer and sacrifice to make student experiences better.

He has been the Campus Activities Board advisor since he started at Simpson, overseeing and assisting the group. Beyond that, he’s held several roles within NACA, including conference chair, treasurer and serving as a board liaison.

Ramos credits much of his success to the time he spent volunteering for the association early in his career. They prepped him for interacting with people around the country who had different backgrounds and ways of doing things.

“Any time you volunteer for something, it takes time out of your day-to-day work,” he said. “On the other side of that, the volunteering in the association made me better at what I do just because of all the opportunities I had in those volunteer roles.”