Three Serious and Five Quirky Reasons to Visit Simpson

Why should you visit Simpson?

Let us count the ways:

*It’s a beautiful campus. Many of our current students and alumni say they fell in love with Simpson the first time they took a tour.

*We offer great, informative tours, conducted by student ambassadors who can answer your questions.

*If you’re interested in a particular subject, we can introduce you to one of the professors who teaches that subject. One of the things you’ll learn here is that our classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants. It’s all part of our personalized education.

As the late-night commercials would say…but wait! There’s more!

Here are five quirky reasons you should be scheduling your Simpson visit right now:

1. DJ the Giraffe
The Carver Science Center on campus is home to an Alaskan brown bear, a cadaver lab and a flesh-eating beetle colony. But possibly the most interesting scientific display is the 17-foot tall skeleton of DJ the Giraffe. DJ lived at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines for more than a decade until 2007.

After his passing, DJ’s body was donated to science to help zoo veterinarians learn as much as possible about improving the care of captive giraffes.

After all research was gathered and months of cleaning the bones and reassembling the 207-piece “puzzle,” DJ finally found his permanent home in the east window of the Carver Science Center at Simpson College.

2. Humans Vs. Zombies

This is a prime example of one of the fun and unique student-led groups that swept across campus. Simpson students and faculty alike geared up for the opportunity to participate in this annual game of Humans vs. Zombies. Essentially it was a campus-wide, five-day-long game of tag.

It started with an anonymously selected Zombie, who began to spread the “virus” by tagging Humans and converting them to Zombies.  The placement of neon green bandanas around the head (Zombies) or the arm (Humans) denoted team standings.

Eventually safe zones and other guidelines were put in place to keep it a safe, fun, and competitive game that as many as 120 participants anxiously awaited each year.

3. Exclusive Red Mango
The Kent Campus Center has many great food options, but it also boasts the ONLY Red Mango frozen yogurt store in the state of Iowa.

Mangos only turn red when they reach the peak of ripeness and that’s where this national franchise gets its name.

Our students get to exclusively enjoy yummy frozen yogurt, smoothies and parfaits year round.  Talk about VIP treatment!

4. Ghost of College Hall

College Hall, Simpson’s oldest and most iconic building, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of 22-year-old former student Mildred Hedges. On May 6th, 1935, it is reported that Mildred tragically tripped and fell over the third floor railing, falling 35 feet to her unfortunate death.

In 1979 the “Ghost Hunters,” Ed and Lorraine Warren, came to campus to host a séance in the building and were quoted as saying “her spirit remains in the building because she is not willing or ready to die.”

Over the years, the Simpson community has reported strange noises, odd lights and even the occasional sighting of silhouettes of a woman’s face in the upper floor windows. The memory of her tragic death lingers in the lore of Simpson College.

5. Cordial Squirrels
Our squirrels have been known to be overly friendly. Often they will come right up to your side (if you have food, of course).

However, contrary to popular belief, no matter how much food you offer them, they cannot be bribed to do your homework.

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