Walt Estate to Hold Book Sale

The late Joseph W. Walt loved teaching, research and travel, all of which required books. He also loved Simpson College and worked tirelessly to preserve its history.

So it’s fitting that the Walt Estate Book & Art sale will be held during Simpson’s Homecoming, the weekend of Oct. 11-13, and that the proceeds of the sale will be used to digitize items from the college archives.

The first goal: Creating an ebook version of Walt’s Beneath the whispering maples: the history of Simpson College.

“Joe was always giving me Simpson documents to make sure we had a copy in the archives,” said Cyd Dyer, College Librarian/Archivist. “His hope was that we preserved Simpson’s history. Not only do we need a ‘paper trail,’ we need to digitize the most useful parts of the collection for research and enjoyment online.”

Those would include newspapers, yearbooks and George Washington Carver letters, she said.

For book lovers, the sale should be a bonanza. Some 1,300 books, sorted by subject, and 12 works of art will be available for purchase.

General volumes will sell for $5 (larger donations will be gladly accepted), with special folios and art items at a higher price. Inquiries and online orders may be placed with Dyer at cyd.dyer@simpson.edu.

“He had walls of books in his home,” she said. “I believe Joe would be immensely pleased that the funds acquired through the sale of his book collection will contribute to the preservation of Simpson College history.”

The sale will be held in Dunn Library.

The following will be available in the Craven Room:
The numbers in parenthesis refer to how many boxes of books each listing contains

Folios (3)
JW Walt signature items (2)
Special (3)

The following will be available on the second floor by topic:

Britain (7)
Fiction (2)
Germany (5)
Greece/Rome (7)
History (6)
Middle East/Rome (2)
South Pacific
U.S. History (2)

1-6 p.m. Oct. 11
9 a.m.-1p.m. Oct. 12
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Oct. 13