Welcome to Simpson College!

With more than 400 new freshmen, 65 transfer students and nearly 1,000 returning upperclassmen, it was an exciting move in day at Simpson College. There was plenty of help on hand, from student volunteers to President Byrd, to unload boxes, haul suitcases and carry storage bins.

“It’s one of the best days on campus,” said Simpson President John Byrd. “Seeing all the new faces being greeted by returning students, talking to parents and siblings and just getting caught up in the excitement of the day. It’s fantastic!”

This year, the freshman class represents 16 different states and five countries around the world. When asked what made them choose Simpson College, here are some of the responses:

“There is a sense of community! It already feels like home.”
“The Simpson students and staff were friendly and kind and treated me like a person as opposed to a number to be added to their statistics.”
“I loved everything about Simpson College.”
“I felt welcome!”
“Everyone knows everyone on campus and it felt like one big family.”
“Everyone I met on campus seemed like they genuinely loved it at Simpson.”
“The strong sense of community between faculty and students.”
“I chose Simpson because they made me feel welcome and made me feel like I wanted to be part of the school.”
“Simpson offered a small school atmosphere with personal interactions with the professors of your classes, not teacher aides.”
“They best accommodated my academic goals as well as my desire to play collegiate sports.”
“It felt like home when I stepped on campus. The teachers cared about me and took the time to get to know me. And who can resist the campus in the fall? It’s absolutely gorgeous!”
“It just felt right.”
“The friendliness of coaches and professors.”
“There are great opportunities for me here.”
“They made me feel welcome and wanted.”
“Everyone was very welcoming and you could already tell that everyone wanted you to succeed.”

President Byrd echoed those sentiments. “We truly do care about each and every student at Simpson. I made a personal phone call to every one of our incoming freshmen as they were making their decision so that they knew that they were wanted at Simpson. Many of them talked personally to a faculty member as well. We know it’s not an easy decision but we are so happy to have the students here and eager to see them start a new chapter in their own Simpson Success Story.”

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