Earn Credit for Your Life Experience

“Because of the LEP, I saved thousands of dollars, got 17 credits, and I graduated earlier than estimated.”–Sara Ringgenberg, Graduate

Sara Ringgenberg Brandon DonaheThe Life Experience Program provides a way for students to translate their experiences to college credit through completion of a life experience portfolio. Credits awarded are not a value judgment of the student’s experience. These credits reflect an evaluation of the similarity of those learning experiences to learning that typically occurs through study in a liberal arts college. The Life Experience Portfolio Workshop will help adult students understand the steps to portfolio development. Additional information regarding this option is available at any Continuing & Graduate Programs office.

A Life Experience Portfolio may be submitted for credit consideration by adults who are at least 25 years of age. For purposes of graduation, all credits from this process must be applied for within the first 64 credits. Candidates for the CPA may use credits from the LEP to help meet the 150-hour requirement, even if they have more than 64 credits.

Adult students can earn up to 32 credits from non-traditional experiences such as armed services training, vocational-technical training, professional training (through organizations such as LOMA, CPCU, ABA, etc.), CLEP tests and a Life Experience Portfolio.

“The LEP gave me the opportunity to graduate much earlier than I anticipated.  Not only did I earn college credits, but I also learned a lot about myself by completing the LEP.”–Brandon Donahe, Graduate

For more information, please contact our Admissions Counselor, Ginger Hermon at ginger.hermon@simpson.edu or 515-961-1313.