Fine Printing Services

“Fine printing” refers to college publications that are to be distributed off campus or to any substantial reading public. All College publications distributed to an off- campus public must be approved and prepared by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations. The design, paste-up, typesetting, and scheduling of any off-campus printing for such publications must be scheduled through the Office of Marketing & Public Relations to ensure quality and consistency of content and design. Publications taken off campus to be printed without approval of the Office of Marketing & Public Relations will become the personal obligation of the purchaser.

A master publications calendar will be prepared by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations by July 1 of each year to schedule both the dates the Public Relations staff needs copy and the dates a user needs the final product. The majority of fine printing needs can be anticipated far in advance and preplanning is required. All jobs that have been previously scheduled will be given priority over last-minute items.

A Publications Handbook, which covers the aspects of printing, has been prepared by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations. Each department should have one for ready reference.

All printing budgets are to be controlled by the respective Vice Presidents. The Office of Public Relations will produce only those publications approved by the Vice President responsible for the printing budget.