History Students Earn Honors

The History department would like to extend its congratulations to all Simpson students who received awards at the annual Honors Convocation, but would like to give a special shout out to the many history students who received a variety of awards (and not just for history!):

Rawley Butler and Ryan Stumbo — Outstanding Seniors in History 
Matt Comer and Krystal Daggett — Phi Alpha Theta Award 
JoAnna Freeland – Outstanding Senior in Political Science
Josh Zieman — Alpha Psi Omega Junior Award (Theatre)
Kristina Kelehan — Women & Gender Studies Activism Award
Colton Calvert – E. G. Booth Award

A reminder of how great our students here at Simpson are!

Honors Convocation Awards

On Thursday, the Department of Communication & Media Studies celebrated the accomplishments of top students in Multimedia Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communication with the whole of campus in a ceremony held in Smith Chapel.

At the event, awards for top honors were given to accomplished students in each of the academic areas at Simpson.

The Department of Communication & Media Studies was pleased to award the Top Senior in Integrated Marketing Communication to Alejandro Caballero and the Top Senior in Multimedia Journalism to Alejandro CaballeroJesse Stewart. These two students have both produced amazing work at Simpson and in the greater community in the four years they have been here.

Alejandro Caballero is an accomplished photographer and designer and the faculty and staff were thrilled to work with him on The Simpsonian and in his position of editor-in-chief of the Simpson College student-led magazine, ID Magazine. His freelance photography work has also been recognized for excellence.  Join us in congratulating Alejandro on his accomplishments!

jesse-and-zach1Jesse Stewart came to Simpson with a focus on radio and for the past two years has served as Station Manager of the KSTM Simpson radio station. You can find him most mornings on-air 88.9FM. He also maintains a busy schedule of gigs as a professional musician. After graduation, he will begin a full-time position at a radio station in northeast Iowa. Call or write to KSTM to send Jesse your wishes of congratulations.

In less than two weeks, the department will graduate a group of very accomplished students who have worked hard in their years at Simpson to grow as students and professionals. Their achievements have been on display recently at the Iron Journalist competition for Multimedia Journalism and next week, the Integrated Marketing Communication students will present their communication plan for a local client. These students have bright futures ahead of them and we are proud of their achievements.

Honors Awards in the Department

The Business Administration and Economics Department is pleased to announce the student honors award winners who received certificates and plaques at Thursday’s Honors Convocation Ceremony.

1. Outstanding Senior in Management: Audrey Morris

2. Outstanding Senior in Marketing: Alyssa Frank

3. Heckert Award for Outstanding Senior in Economics: Whitney Thompson

4. Outstanding Senior in International Management: Brad Davison

Junior Matt Nichols accepts the Lisle C. Wilson Outstanding Junior Award

Matt Nichols accepts the Lisle C. Wilson Outstanding Junior Award

5. Eberhart International Scholarship: Leah Otieno

6. Lisle C. Wilson Award for Outstanding Junior: Matt Nichols

Junior Alissa Deutsch Receives Outstanding Junior Award

Junior Alissa Deutsch accepts the Feyerharm Award for Outstanding Junior

7. R.J. Samson Enactus Award: Audrey Morris

8. Feyerham Award for Outstanding Junior: Alissa Deutsch

9. Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants: Mikayla Struebing

10. Institute of Management Accountants: Ling Ng

11. Financial Executives International: Michael Kern and Mark Cronin



Lindsay Nash: Wellmark’s Well for Life Center

What has she been doing?
Lindsay Nash, a senior with majors in Exercise Science and Management, had the opportunity to intern at Wellmark’s Well for Life Center in Des Moines, Iowa.  Within her position, Lindsay taught group exercise classes and learned how to effectively personal train.  She also had the chance to network with the exercise specialists on staff and learn such skills as performing assessments.

What strengths did she gain within the position?
Through this internship, Lindsay built her confidence for teaching group classes.  She also strengthened her communication skills and opened herself up to learning all that was needed in the field.

What does her supervisor have to say about her work?
Gina Ryan, General Manager for Plus One @ Wellmark, shared, “Lindsay did a great job stepping in as our intern!  We have a lot going on at our site (between staff and programming) and she was able to pick up on everything very quickly.  She communicated with the staff effectively through verbal and written.”

How did she find out about this internship?
Lindsay found out about her internship through both a family friend and Assistant Professor Nicci Whalen.  Many internship opportunities are never actually posted, but are gained by referral.  Lindsay’s story shows the power of networking and building relationships.

What advice does she have for students completing an internship?
Lindsay encourages interns to “make sure you make the most of the entire experience and don’t just go through the motions; learn absolutely everything that you can while you are there!”

Business Administration and Economics Seniors

In the next few weeks, the Department of Business Administration and Economics, will graduate over 100 students in 6 different majors.

Many of these students have made great use of their time at Simpson, participating in class and extracurricular activities, working part-time in industry, becoming actively involved in the community through service and interning at businesses in central Iowa and across the country.

As these students look at their plans after graduation, they have great things waiting for them.  Here is a look at a few of these Simpson Success Stories:

Whitney Thompson, Senior Economics and Mathematics Double Major, Computer Science Minor

Senior Economics Student Whitney ThompsonWhitney Thompson has a busy summer ahead of her.  After graduation, she has just a few weeks before her July wedding to get her life in Simpson packed up and ready to roll to the next destination-Columbus, Ohio where she’ll begin a Ph.D. program in Economics in late July at Ohio State University.

Whitney came to Simpson intent on pursuing mathematical research and along the way, added an Economics major under the advisement of Professor of Economics, Jim Palmieri.  During her time here, she has increased her theoretical knowledge of the two disciplines while also expanding her applied abilities through two summer research fellowships working in statistics, economics and computer science at Miami University of Ohio and the University of Michigan.  Her success in academics is recognized through the awards she has received while here: Outstanding Junior Student of Economics, Outstanding Senior Student of Economics and Outstanding Senior Student of Mathematics.  Her involvement outside of the classroom included 2 seasons with the Simpson Tennis team, participation in the Mathematics Club and regular participation in Math Modeling Competitions.

Whitney is not sure whether she will pursue a career in academia, government or private industry when she finishes her Ph.D. but we are confident this is not the last we will see of her name.  She is a dedicated student and researcher who is bound for greatness in the field.

Sarah Stout, Senior Integrated Marketing Communications Major, Marketing Minor
Student Sara Stout

Photo Credit: Luke Behaunek

Sarah began her career at Simpson as a Marketing major making the switch to IMC after her sophomore year.  Even after, she remained involved in the Business Administration and Economics department participating in the Enactus (formerly SIFE) student group and interning in the Emerge at Simpson incubator project her senior year.  Sarah completed three internships during her four years at the Iowa Events Center, The Schwann Food Company, and at Emerge at Simpson.

Her approach to the job search was exclusively through networking.  Her internship at Schwann’s and success in the intern marketing competition led to one job offer.  She has parlayed her networking at the regional Enactus competition to another offer and by reaching out to Simpson alums, she has received a number of others.  While Sarah is not sure where she’ll end up as she weighs her options, we are confident she will find success in her future.

Accounting Majors, Michael Kern and Michael Schwery


Kern and Schwery, as they call each other, have a lot in common.  They are both graduating soon in Accounting, both completed internships at the public accounting firm KPMG in the Winter of 2012 and they have both found success after graduation through full-time employment at KPMG.Senior Michael Kern and Professor and Department Chair Mark Juffurnbruch

They have also set themselves apart through on-campus activities and involvement.

Michael Kern started the Accounting Club at Simpson and has worked hard to develop the organization to a resource for current students looking for professional development and career connections and opportunities.  He also found success and connections through his fraternity.


Senior Michael SchweryMichael Schwery was involved on campus in the Enactus group and in his work as a Student Resident Hall Coordinator.  He also completed an internship at Mid American Energy prior to his audit internship experience at KPMG.

Together, these Michaels have guided younger Simpson students through KPMG internships where they are establishing a legacy of excellence and success.


2013 Iron Journalist is Crowned

Ten Simpson College multimedia journalism majors competed Wednesday afternoon for the title of Iron Journalist. Students in Dr. Brian Steffen‘s Multimedia Journalism senior seminar were assigned a project in which they became entrepreneurs and developed their own business based on their passions and interests. Topics ranged from the Des Moines music scene, Indianola news and happenings, and world travel tips, among others.

Indy Bar Buzz, a news source for all bar activities in Indianola, Iowa,the project of senior Tyler Utzka, received top honors when Tyler was crowned Iron Journalist at the competition. Utzka did not win without a fight though, coming in one point behind was senior Grant Rodgers and Indy Tower, a news provider for all of Warren County. Junior Amanda Hintgen rounded out the top three with Des Moines Music Scene, a business providing updates on the concerts and music happenings at seven premier locations in Des Moines, Iowa.

Utzka impressed the judges with his professional coasters that he used to market his business in all Indianola bars. Judges were seen using the coasters throughout the competition for their waters. “It is definitely something people will be interested in and the interaction with the Flicker page makes it very social,” Emily Schletter, ’10, Des Moines Register reporter and judge said.

“I like that you are thinking forward (towards expansion of the business),” says Marco Santana, entrepreneurship and technology reporter for the Des Moines Register and judge.

Tune back next year for Simpson College’s next set of Iron Journalists.

For more information on multimedia journalism, contact one of our professors.

ID Magazine Release

On Wednesday, we celebrated the release of the second issue of ID Magazine for 2013. Students gathered around Kent Campus Center to receive their new issue of Simpson College‘s own magazine. Students were very excited about the unique stories, layout, and fresh ideas presented.

We watched as students got their first reaction of the magazine:

  • “I really like it. I think it’s fresh, new and fun. It’s very different from other news sources of Simpson. It provides something for everyone,” sophomore Shayna Holle says.
  • “It’s a great way for students to express themselves in a unique publication,” junior and future Editor-in-Chief of the Simpsonian Julia Warfield says.
  • “It has definitely improved since last semester. There are great interviews, layout and articles in this magazine,” says junior Maddie Boswell.
  • “I think it is beautiful with professional style. It will serve as great promotional materials for perspective students,” sophomore Kate Hayden says. “I would love to do the photography for this magazine and I know a lot of students will want to be a part of this project.”
  • “ID Magazine turned out very well. A magazine publication is not seen on many campuses, providing something unique for Simpson College,” first year and ID Magazine contributor James Tillison says. “It gives writers an opportunity to learn a new style of writing that differs from newspaper writing.”

Were you at the celebration on Wednesday afternoon or did you attend the fashion show Wednesday evening?  Tweet us your photos @IDMagSC and @ComMediaStudies

Want more information on opportunities in student media? Contact one of our professors!

ID Magazine Release

Sarina Rhinehart: Iowa House Democrats

What has she been doing?
This spring semester, Sarina Rhinehart, a junior with majors in Political Science and Integrated Marketing Communications, has been interning for the Iowa House Democrats.  Along with three other interns, Sarina is charged with completing any communications task (photography, video, newsletter, etc.) requested by the 47 House Democrats.

What strengths did she gain within the position?
Within her role, Sarina has developed the ability to meet strict deadlines, assisting with the creation of each representative’s weekly newsletter.  She has also embraced a willingness to take on any task handed to her.

What does her supervisor have to say about her work?
Rachelle Thomas, Deputy Communications Director, shared, “During her internship, Sarina’s experience in the Iowa House has improved her leadership skills and breadth of knowledge understanding the legislative process. Her dedication and commitment to the House Democrats was extremely helpful in achieving our goals of session to improve life and expand opportunities for the people of Iowa.”

How did she find out about this internship?
Sarina found out about the position through Simpson’s CareerPaths website. All current students can access this online job-bulletin to search for internships, part and full time jobs, and career-related events.  Applications for the Iowa House Democrats are typically accepted in November with experiences being during the spring semester.  To learn more please contact Rachelle Thomas (rachelle.thomas@legis.iowa.gov) or Dean Fiihr (dean.fiihr@legis.iowa.gov).

Why does she think internships are important?
Sarina stated, “My internships have been some of my most valuable experiences at Simpson. They have allowed me to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to actual companies. Internships have helped me figure out what I want and don’t want in a future career. They are great to build one’s personal network. Having an internship puts one way ahead in the application process over others who do not have this experience.”

Katelyn Chamberlin: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

What has she been doing?
Katelyn Chamberlin, a senior Multimedia Journalism major, spent spring semester interning with the Iowa chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Cystic fibrosis is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of both children and adults.  The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a nonprofit donor-supported organization dedicated to attacking cystic fibrosis from every angle.  Through her internship, Katelyn created content for the chapter’s social media channels and engaged the community through regular postings.  She also helped by creating marketing and promotional materials for various events.

What strengths did she gain within the position?
Through her experience with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Katelyn put to use her ability to generate both creative and compelling content for social media channels.  She was also able to think outside of the box for new marketing techniques.  Katelyn found it very important to be open to new possibilities and became comfortable taking on new tasks.

What does her supervisor have to say about her work?
Claire Scholl, Executive Director of the Iowa CFF chapter, shared, “Kate’s enthusiasm in Social Media has recruited countless individuals, groups and companies to our cause and helped the CF Foundation fulfill our mission of funding life-saving research.  In a few short months, Kate has made an incredible difference in the fight to beat cystic fibrosis!”

How did she find out about this internship?
Katelyn found out about the position through Simpson’s CareerPaths website. All current students can access this online job-bulletin to search for internships, part and full time jobs, and career-related events.  To learn more about internships with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, you can also contact Iowa@cff.org or call 515-252-1530.

What advice does she have for students beginning an internship?
Katelyn recommended, “When looking for an internship, pick one that will challenge you and teach you skills outside your comfort zone.  Also, try projects and tasks you’ve never done before; you might discover a new interest or skill.”

Victoria Jones: Big Green Umbrella Media Inc.

What has she been doing?
Victoria Jones, a senior Multimedia Journalism major, has been busy this semester interning with Big Green Umbrella Media Inc., which includes Central Iowa’s weekly alternative newspaper, Cityview, as well as 20-plus Iowa Living Magazines throughout the state. As part of her internship, Victoria wrote a piece for the “Best of Des Moines Eats” section, profiled West End Salvage in the Belly Up section, investigated policed reports within the Cityview Rapsheet section and municipal bills in the It’s Money section. She also created content for the faith column for as many as 14 monthly Iowa Living Magazines. Victoria also had the opportunity to network with professionals in her field by attending such events as the “Best Of Des Moines” annual gala (see photo).

What strengths did she gain within the position?
In order to succeed in her position, Victoria has had to be organized, take initiative, and manage her time to meet deadlines.

What does her supervisor have to say about her work?
Amber Williams, Managing Editor, shared the following quote, “Victoria’s positive, can-do attitude is the first attribute that is sure to contribute to her success in life, regardless of the field she chooses. In addition to that, it was exciting to watch her grow as a writer and a reporter over the course of her internship. I hope to see her name in local news and magazine bylines in the future, especially in one of our many publications. It’s bittersweet to see her go. I am a proud mentor, but she will be missed.”

How did she find out about this internship?
Victoria found out about her internship through Simpson’s CareerPaths website. All current students can access this online job-bulletin to search for internships, part and full time jobs, and career-related events.  To learn more about an internship with Big Green Umbrella Media Inc. you can also contact Amber Williams by email at amber@dmcityview.com.

What advice does she have for current students?
Victoria suggested, “Don’t wait until your senior year like me. I wish I would have started sooner when I had more time instead of waiting until my last semester when I had ten thousand other things to worry about. I’ve also seen through experience that networking, meeting people, and building personal relationships are very important.”