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Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code

Koss Finds Way To Match Major With Dreams

Photo Credit to Heather Smith

Sylvia Koss is a driven senior at Simpson College who has been working hard to match her passion for music with her integrated marketing communications major. Koss is a promotions intern this semester with the Clear Channel Communications radio team.

“I stumbled upon this internship on accident and applied because I needed a few more credits. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” Koss says, “I’m in the industry I want and glad I took the chance and applied for it.”

With this internship, she has been able to gain skills in production and company promotions. Her production skills include creating fills for Capital 106.3, on-air content for the online stream, and scheduling of music. Throughout her internship she has also been able to sit in on meetings to hear how they sell their advertising packages to the client and how they make it work with various groups, such as Neuro and the Iowa Cubs.

The communications and media studies department has helped Koss greatly with the principles needed for this position. She has been able to take the principles that she learned through course work and student media experiences and apply them in a situation involving her own interests, in this case music.

Koss offered up some advice to future and present interns in regards to trying new things within the internship.

  • Be open to learning new things.
  • Be willing to do any and all tasks thrown your way. Your willingness to complete these tasks will show that you are dedicated to this internship and willing to take the extra steps.
  • Keep a positive attitude and do your best at all times because you don’t know whose watching. That person may be a reference on your resume or your next employer.

Want more information about internships? Contact one of our faculty members.

Simpson Debate Team Reigns Over National Competitors

Debate Team

Simpson’s national championship public forum debate team had plenty of hardware to haul after Saturday’s tournament: From left, Dustin Peters, Steffi Lee, Jacy Gomez, Ethan Frederick, Alex Severn and Nate Connealy.

In its first year of competition a year ago, Simpson’s public forum debate program won fourth place in the College Public Forum Debate National Tournament.

On Saturday, it won the title — dominating eight other schools from around the country, including the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, in winning the tournament, held at Simpson.

What’s more, Simpson’s Ethan Frederick won the top speaker award in the tournament, and Jacy Gomez won the fourth-speaker award. Both were named CPF national champions.

“I continue to be impressed by their drive to win with grace, their demonstration of respect and decorum in round, and their ability to represent Simpson on a national stage,” said Spencer Waugh, coach of the debate team.

Simpson’s 65 team points and 13-2 team record in the tournament far outpaced Ohio University, which came in second with 20 points. Rounding out the top five schools were Ottawa University of Kansas, Penn and Butler University of Indiana.

Simpson’s Nate Connealy and Alex Severn won second place in the national championship.

Other members of the Simpson public forum team are Steffi Lee and Dustin Peters.

Simpson’s team will next be in action at a second College Public Forum Debate National Tournament in March.


Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

Adams Gains Event Planning Knowledge Through Internship

Ever wanted to be an event coordinator? If so, go find an internship that will prepare you for the challenges and benefits that come with being an event coordinator. Simpson senior David Adams from Palm Springs, Calif. is currently interning with the Des Moines Area Sports Commission. Adams is a political science and integrated marketing communications major with a sports administration minor.

David AdamsAs an intern with the Des Moines Area Sports Commission, Adams is in charge of the preparation and promotions of events. He assists the organization in setting up for events and hosting the events. A large part of his internship involves the marketing behind the events. Adams creates documents to raise awareness, promotional materials and marketing tactics for events.

Utilizing skills from student media sources is a great way for students to gain knowledge to put into their internship. Adams worked on the advertising team for the Simpsonian. He has been able to apply these skills into his promotional work and writing for his internship.

He offered up some advice for future students as they seek an internship, “Be aware and consistent throughout the internship process. Keeping the contact person aware of your application is important. Sometimes e-mailing isn’t enough, you need to take the extra step to get the interview or call back.”

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

KSTM Now Available Everywhere

This week KSTM made the big announcement that they are now live streaming over the Internet. KSTM can now be heard from anywhere and anytime from a mobile device or computer. There will be a live air feed that can be found from two sources as of right now: TuneIn.com or the TuneIn mobile app.

“This is a great way to get alumni listenership because before we were only able to reach within Indianola city limits, now we can be heard anywhere,” says KSTM Station Manager Jesse Stewart. The live streaming feature is a great way for past radio dj’s to remember their experiences at Simpson. “It is great that I can listen to the radio station online now,” says alumnus Devin Sietstra, former co-host of Mutt and Dutch, “I wish they would have had this when I was in school. It brings back great memories of the radio station and all the fun that was had.”

To find the radio station online:

  • TuneIn: Use the mobile app found in the Play Store or the App Store and search KSTM
  • Coming Soon! A live stream website specially made for KSTM. Look out for kstm.simpson.edu.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

Manning Gains Public Relations Experience with Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Working in public relations out in the workforce always brings a new project every day. Senior Sheyenne Manning from Winterset, Iowa has been able to experience a changing work environment everyday. She is a multimedia journalism major with a management minor interning with Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault (IowaCASA). IowaCASA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “unite people and organizations to promote a society free from sexual violence and to meet the diverse needs of survivors.

As the social media and communications intern, Manning is in charge of the public relations work, planning, writing and creating promotional materials. She is currently writing a special edition newsletter about why stand alone agencies are more beneficial. As a non-profit organization, IowaCASA relies a lot on donations from corporations and private donors. Manning is creating a development plan to assist with fundraising efforts.This year marks a big year for IowaCASA because they had their 30th anniversary event with all sister organizations. Manning was in charge of development promotional fliers for this event.

As a senior at Simpson College, Manning has been able to apply skills learned through a variety of courses and student media work. She has been able to do research and move forward with the learning curve of the internship. An important take away from Simpson College student media is the ability to report and interview for the purpose of a story. These skills have made her more comfortable with making cold calls and talking on the phone. Manning says about her studies at Simpson, “I have become comfortable with my writing due to my major and what I have learned.”

Read about a similar internship at ICADV with Tara Maurer.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

WHO-TV Connects Simpson Students with Internships

Olu RotibiWant to get an internship with a television station? Simpson College and WHO-TV have a great relationship that allows students to gain experience in television production through internships. This semester Olu Rotibi is interning with the sports media team. Rotibi is a senior from Chicago, IL majoring in multimedia journalism, as well as a member of the men’s basketball team.

As part of the WHO-TV team, Rotibi assists primarily with video editing. He is also able to learn from the other sports anchors skills such as news production, statistics for teams, and general sports stories. He is available to assist the team members in whatever way possible.

Hanna Russmann is also interning with WHO-TV this semester. She is a multimedia journalism major with a management minor from Avoca, Iowa. She is in charge of writing content for the web. While on the job, she assists producers with content for newscasts and shadows reporters. She says that she is all over the office helping out the various reporters and producers.The major perk of interning with a television broadcast is creating your own package and standups to be able to use in a portfolio. Hanna Russmann

The communications department has helped out these interns in a variety of ways. Through video production courses, students learn to create their own package from a story and know how to edit. News writing courses have assisted students in the ability to structure a piece. Russmann says,”Writing for broadcast is more active writing. You use more present terms and it is more direct.”

Russmann also offered some advice for future broadcasters:

  • Take advantage of everything at a broadcasting internship.
  • Get as much experience doing standups and creating your own news packages. They will help you to form a portfolio.
  • Always ask if you can help out in any way. Don’t feel like you are bothering people because you are there to learn.
  • Always go out on stories.

Other television news related internships include Tyler Utzka with KCCI.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

People You Should Know – Denise Hudson

How long have you been working at Simpson?
I have worked full-time in the Business office 6 years and prior to that, part-time 9 months for EW&G.

What exactly does your job entail?
I am the Accounts Receivable Coordinator for the Business Office.  My primary responsibility is working with our part-time students and their billing issues.  Many of our part-time students have Employer Tuition Reimbursement, and I help them through that process; others are on payment plans, and I monitor that process.  I work with Ginger Herm0n here in Indianola, Paula Palmer in the WDM campus, and Becky Armstrong in the Ankeny campus assisting them with various cashiering issues as well as helping them take care of our PT students on their campuses.

I also work with the PSEOA program, local high school students taking Simpson classes for both their high school diploma requirements as well as college credit.  I work with Rhonda Pooley, our Veterans certifying official for Simpson, in getting our veteran students their money to help pay their tuition accounts.  I am the back-up cashier for Kathy Shafer, working with all departments on campus in processing their funds and working with our bank in processing payments and balancing our daily accounts.  I assist Sherri Aldridge when things get busy in here, answering some of the full-time student and parent questions.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Omaha, NE

What makes working at Simpson unique?
Most definitely the people – from students, to staff to faculty!  I love getting to know the different personalities and how to engage and work with them in positive and specific ways!  I also like the closeness in proximity to my home and the fabulous benefit package Simpson provides!

What do you enjoy most about working with adult students?
I appreciate their communication skills!  They are usually very quick to respond, and they take care of business!  They usually are very organized because of the multiple plates they have to balance in their busy lives!

Please tell us about your family and how you like to spend your free time.
I have been married to my college sweetheart, Steve, for 30 years this year!  Our oldest, Chris, just got married, is expecting his first child, has worked at Principal Financial for 8 years and is a current student in Simpson’s EWG program.  Our youngest, Emilie, is a freshman in Simpson’s traditional program and is enjoying all of her classes!

I enjoy my job, spending time with my family, shopping with my daughter and traveling.

What is your favorite vacation spot, favorite book, and/or favorite film?
I enjoy any vacation spot where my family is, a nice hotel and nearby museums and shopping opportunities!  I especially like the mountains and unique areas of the United States.  I am a sap for romantic comedies which makes it a little more difficult to go to movies with my husband who enjoys sci-fi and action, but the popcorn is always good! J

Multimedia Journalism at Simpson, What’s it like?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to graduate as a communications major? What the courses are like? One of the majors offered at Simpson College is Multimedia Journalism. When a student graduates in multimedia journalism, the student is able to master the art of traditional writing, editing and reporting skills. Students also learn how to use design products such as InDesign, Photoshop and Final Cut.

In the senior seminar course, students tie all the skills learned through coursework into one final project, a small business online news organization. Each class period begins with up to three students presenting current industry news showing that they are keeping up with current events and trends.

Another part of the senior seminar is integration of social media. Each week students engage on Twitter uploading current news, reactions to their classmates’ tweets, and submitting a Twitter report at the end of the week. The following tweets are about the recent Iowa College Media Association Convention attended by the students on February 8.

Learning social media tactics is very important in today’s news industry as Twitter and Facebook increasingly become a primary news source for many Americans.

Prof. Brian Steffen

A major part of starting a new organization or business is a business plan. Students in the Multimedia Journalism capstone course develop their own business plan for their online news organization. As part of the business plan, students learn how to make funding requests, financial projections and how to make money as a news organization. The business plan will be a key written component of their final project in preparation for the Iron Journalist Competition in mid April.  The competition is judged by local journalists evaluating the students on their business plans and the work they have done throughout the semester.  May the best student win!

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.