Adding an Event to the Events Calendar

This post will walk you through the process of adding an event to Simpson’s Events Calendar.

1. Navigate to

2. Click on “Add an Event,” which is located on the right side of of the screen

Add an event to the events Calendar

3. You will be asked to log into the site.  Your username and password are the same as your StormFront log in. You also have the ability to log in with your personal facebook account. Once you have entered in your username and password, click log-in.

 4. You will now be logged into the system and taken to the add an event page.  Here you will enter in all of the event information, including the title of the event, a description of the event and the rest of the information of the event.  The time and date will automatically be formated, so you are able to type 10/30 or oct 30 for the date and it will format it correctly.

The location of the event will also populated automatically. Let’s say that the event is located in the Hubbell Ballroom in the Kent Campus Center.  Under the location field you would start typing in Kent Campus Center. A drop-down menu will appear under the field in which you are typing in that says “Kent Campus Center.” Select that item from the drop-down menu and the address and building information will be populated on the event page automatically.  For the room you would need to type in Hubbell Ballroom.

You will also be able to add a photo for your event.  If you do not have a photo, the default image for the location you selected will display on the event page.

After entering in all of the information click on “Add Event.”

Events Calendar Add an Event Screen

 5. Once your event has been created you will see the following screen.  If something does not appear correctly on your event page, you will be able to go back in and edit your event from this screen. Your event will not be published until an administrator reviews your event. If an administrator believes you can be a trusted user, your future events will be published automatically.

Event Page

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Oscar Preis or Greg Votava in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations.

Continuing & Graduate Connections-Term 2 October ’12

FALL NEWSLETTER – October 2012

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Welcome to the start of Term 2! This is a completely new beginning for some of you and we wish you well on this exciting journey.  For all of us we have the feeling of a fresh page, crisp fall days and cool nights as we begin classes, tackle assignments and discover the magic of learning.

This past summer I had the joy of a family reunion, as I hope some of you did.  My nephew has completed a year at school and I asked him about it.  “Well auntie, it is alright.”   I inquired “only alright?”  After a thoughtful pause, he said emphatically “but it is every day,” as though no one had warned him. It is possible that there are times when we feel frustrated that life is every day, given the busy careers, families and study that our adult learners cope with.  We are working on listening to your ideas and needs. In the coming year we have several goals that are in response to our student surveys and conversations.  Here are 4 of them:

Increase information: New students are asking for more information about majors and the flow of courses.  You may pick up “Engaged Citizenship” information sheets at any of our campuses. These give a summary of our curriculum and the embedded skills within. These skills were designed in response to employers of our graduates who are looking for people who can write well, give effective oral presentations, think critically, work ethically, understand fiscal responsibility and develop relationships in a culturally diverse and global community. Being able to explain how your degree gives you these skills makes you stand out in the crowd.  Our PR office has also been working on ‘sizzle sheets’ that describe departments and majors; you can see them online or pick them up from your advisor.

Provide resources:  Our Career Services Office under the leadership of Jennifer del Pino is available to assist with resumes and career searches.  We will be offering one information session per term at each campus.  Similarly, all of us experience stress at some period in our lives, especially when juggling many tasks.  Ellie Olson, Director of our Counseling services is planning to offer a session on coping with stress. This will be held in mid-November at the West Des Moines campus.

Expand online learning opportunities: This summer we held 24 fully online classes with good response from students and faculty.  In the coming year we plan to increase these offerings and welcome your feedback. If you took one of these online courses we thank you for your response to the survey we recently sent out. Please let Jule Thorsen know which classes you would like to see offered online.

Social Media:  Amy Day and Katie Princehouse are actively expanding our use of Facebook and Twitter.  We plan to broaden our networks and find the best ways to keep you fully informed in your favorite mediums.  Contact Amy with your suggestions.  Recently, we had a meeting with the Des Moines Register to discuss optimum use of new website interaction and analytics and it is our goal that you will see a larger Simpson presence in the online version of the newspaper.

Guess what?  Our new account manager at the Des Moines Register is a spring 2012 alum: congratulations Josh Burkhart and all your classmates.  Similarly, when we walked into Pioneer to plan a ‘Lunch ‘n Learn’ for employees, the first person we met was recent graduate Mario Rodriguez. Simpson graduates are everywhere and ready to be in your network. We graduated 128 people last year out of 523 experienced adult learners.  Truly, you show us the way – every day.

Rosemary J. Link, PhD., Associate Vice President

I very much look forward to greeting you,



Rosemary J. Link, PhD.
Associate Vice President



Important Upcoming Dates
Nov. 1 – Picture Day; WDM
Nov. 15 – Info Session: LEP; ANK
Nov. 22-26 – Closed for Thanksgiving
Nov. 27 – Speaker Series with Suku Radia; WDM
Nov. 29 – Start of Transitions


Spring Courses Begin January 7, 2013
Choose from over 100 courses offered in Ankeny, Indianola and West Des Moines. Classes are offered 1 night per week or every other Saturday morning. The schedule is available at Sign up yourself and invite your friends and colleagues to join you. Click here to register.

Forward Simpson Messages to Your Preferred Email
Are you missing out on important updates from Simpson? Are you tired of having to check multiple email accounts?

Nearly all formal communication from the college is sent only to your Simpson email account, but we know you don’t all check it regularly. You may be missing out on important information from the Registrar, Financial Assistance, and your advisor, among others.

Forward emails from your Simpson account to your preferred account by following the instructions below:

  1. Log onto your Simpson account.
  2. Click on the Options drop down arrow and choose Create an Inbox Rule.
  3. Click on the NEW Drop down arrow and choose the “Create a new rule for arriving messages” option.
  4. Apply rule when the message arrives, and it was sent to
  5. Redirect the message to
  6. Click save.


Simpson Speaker Series features Suku Radia on Nov. 27

Suku Radia, CEO of Bankers Trust

Simpson Speaker Series features prominent local and regional leaders speaking about “Insights on Leadership”. Our next event will feature Suku Radia, CEO and President of Bankers Trust.

Mr. Radia has been CEO and President of Bankers Trust since March 2008. Bankers Trust is Iowa’s largest independent community bank. Prior to joining Bankers Trust, Mr. Radia served as Chief Financial Officer of Meredith Corporation, the nation’s leading diversified media company. Radia was Managing Partner of KPMG in Des Moines from 1993 to 2000. During his 25-year tenure at KPMG, Radia counseled senior management for several national and international entities on a number of financial issues.

Speaker Series events are free and open to the public. Networking begins at 5:30 and speaker presentation begins at 6pm. Events are held at the West Des Moines campus.

Do You Have Financial Aid Questions?
Director of Financial Assistance, Tracie Pavon, will be at the West Des Moines campus on Monday, November 12 to meet individually with students and answer questions. Private 15-minute meetings are available from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Schedule an appointment by calling 515-961-1630 or emailing Be sure to bring your loan paperwork and specific questions.

Writing Tutor Available
A writing tutor is now available on Saturday mornings (10am – noon) at the West Des Moines campus. This free service is available to help you in all stages of the writing process: prewriting, organization, thesis development, documentation styles, and revisions. Tutoring is also available via email. Contact Mitch Glodek at to schedule a meeting or to receive feedback on a draft composition.

Student Spotlight: Shawn Comer, From Groom to Graduate

Shawn Comer, with wife Sandi Comer

When we asked one of our friendly management majors, Shawn Comer, to answer a few questions he was happy to oblige. Though he is a man of few words on paper, he knows how to get his message across.  Shawn shares a special connection to Simpson that started three decades ago. Here is the story in his own words: “Almost 30 years ago I started my journey with Simpson, and then I got married to my beautiful wife…in Smith Chapel. I quit school to support my family and now in December 2012 I am going to graduate from Simpson in the same place we were married…Smith Chapel. I am extremely blessed!!”

Simpson College: What has been your motivation to finish your degree?
Shawn Comer: To cross it off my bucket list.

Simpson: What is your major and why did you select it?
Business management- there are so many possibilities with this major.

Simpson: What have you enjoyed most about your Simpson College experience?
Definitely all of the good people I have met- the office staff, instructors and fellow students.

Simpson: What did you learn most about yourself through the experience?
If I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything.

Simpson: What has surprised you about your Simpson experience?
How smart I really am not.

Simpson: Would you recommend Simpson to others?
Shawn: I would and I have. It is a special place.

Simpson: Tell us a little about yourself.
I own Papa’s Pizzeria in Polk City. I have been married for almost 30 years and have three adult boys.

Simpson: What is your favorite vacation spot?
Any all-inclusive resort with crystal blue waters- they are totally stress free.

Congratulations, Shawn! We look forward to seeing you walk down the aisle of Smith Chapel in December; this time as a graduate instead of a groom.

Meet the Instructor: Marty Feeney

Marty Feeney, with wife Susan Eggert

The opposite of Shawn Comer, Marty Feeney is never at a loss for words. In fact, we had to edit his answers just to fit in all his excitement and enthusiasm for his profession, his students, and Simpson College.

Simpson College: How long have you been teaching at Simpson, and what do you teach?
Marty Feeney: About eight years. I teach Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Research in Communication, Media Studies, Marketing, Small Group Communication, Advertising, Persuasion.

SC: What makes teaching at Simpson unique?
MF: What I like about teaching at Simpson is how everyone from President Byrd to the faculty, the staff, the guy working to fix my office door, and the kids offering service in Dirlam lounge, all deliver value to the students. Once in the classroom, I love the energy and creativity of the Simpson students. I bring in colleagues to judge end-of-semester projects. The students do amazing tech-splendid, real-world presentations. What little talent I have sure gets a boost from Simpson students!

SC: What do you enjoy about working with adult students?
MF: Single-minded super efforts and a focused, diligent approach to class and assignments.

SC: Tell us about your family and how you spend your free time.
MF: I’m married to marathon runner, Susan Eggert, who is an IT raconteur at Principal Financial. I have a son, Rob, graduating from ISU in December. My daughter, Caroline, is in her first year of graduate school in the school of journalism at the University of Missouri.

I compete in the Iowa Senior Olympics every year in: track and field, swimming, soccer, football, softball, frisbee distance and accuracy, tennis, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. I am blessed to have won 12 medals this year. I train hard and it takes three weeks to recover from the competition. Since 2007 I have won 79 medals.

Thank you, Marty! We know you have many more medals to earn in your future.

Are you in the job market?
Remember to take advantage of Simpson’s Career Services office and to check CareerPaths ( weekly. Career Services receives announcements for internships, part-time jobs and full-time jobs daily; they are posted as soon as they come in so check often for the latest updates. This resource is available to all current students and alumni– and there is no charge to use it.  Please contact with any questions.

Simpson’s Utzka Gains Television Experience with Local Station

Senior Tyler Utzka, from Walter, Minn., majoring in multimedia journalism has been chosen as the KCCI news intern. KCCI is the local news station which appears on Channel 8.

Tyler Utzka, KCCI News Intern

Tyler’s duties allow him to get familiar with every aspect of television. Currently he is writing news stories on ENPS, Electronic News Production System, developed by the Associated Press. This system was developed for producing, editing, timing, organizing, and running news broadcasts. Tyler will move into the video production stage then completing the internship with work on the Internet and website.

Courses and media work have given Tyler experiences that he has been able to apply to his internship. His video production course taught him how to properly shot and edit videos. This course also demonstrated the impact of lighting and position on an interview. Tyler has shot videos and written for the Simpsonian which gave him experience in interviewing subjects as well as editing videos. Finally, he was able to complete an independent study with Professor Lisa Carponelli-Lovell in which he gained field experience in the television media field.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

Updating your Online Profile

Follow the steps below to log into our system to add your bio information.

*If you have already logged into the system, skip steps 2-6 and jump to Step 7.

1. Navigate to

2. Click on “lost your password”

3. Enter in your full email address (your address)

4. Go to your Simpson College email and click on the link in the email to create a new password

5. Enter in a new password and click on reset password and click “Reset Password”

6. The following screen will appear, click “log in”

7. Enter in your full Simpson email address and the password that you just created.

8. Now you are logged into the system and you can update your bio.

9. On the bottom of the left sidebar menu there is a button that says “profile,” click on that.

*Most of your information (your email, phone number, first name, last name and title) are automatically brought in from out Datatel System. If any of your information is incorrect please notify the Human Resources Office.

10. Here you can add your cell phone, your social media profiles (if you want to have them published on your bio page) and some other information.

12. Scroll down on the page and click on the blue “edit your bio” link.

13. This will open a new window and you can copy and paste your bio information in this space. When you are finished click the blue update button then close that tab/window.

14. Go back to your profile tab/window that you were previously on. You can enter in office hours and credentials below the “edit your bio” link.

15. Below those boxes, you can add a profile photo. Just click on choose file and browse your computer for your image.

16. Click on update your profile and you are finished!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Oscar Preis or Greg Votava in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations.

Simpson’s Stout Creates Marketing Ideas for Iowa Events Center

Senior Sarah StoutSenior Sarah Stout from Denver, Colorado, majoring in integrated marketing communications with a management concentration and minors in sociology and marketing, is spending the fall semester as the marketing and public relations intern for the Iowa Events Center.

Sarah has used her communications and management courses to help her complete tasks for her internship. She is involved Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and this has prepared her to work in a fast paced marketing department. Simpson College stresses hands-on projects in class and this has helped her with work force applications. She has used experiences in courses such as advertising, small business management and writing for IMC to better understand the principles behind projects. In her writing for IMC course, she learned how to write public relations plan and that became one of her job duties at the Iowa Events Center.  Sarah’s media law and ethics course taught her how to professionally use Facebook and Twitter.

One of Sarah’s main tasks for the Iowa Events Center is developing marketing and public relations plan. She is also in charge of updating the community calendar. When dealing with events, Sarah takes care of the event marketing as well as the media at the event. Finally, Sarah takes care of updating the Iowa Event Center’s social media outlets.

Want to know more? Contact one of our faculty members.

Student Media Heads Towards 24/7 Format

Logos for KSTM Radio, Simpsonian, and ID MagazineSimpson student media outlets have gone to a 24/7 coverage system. The Simpsonian, KSTM radio, and ID magazine are all working as one unit to provide continuous news coverage. They are working to bring quality news to students and faculty on a variety of platforms. Students are able to work on all platforms, not just as a news writer or radio DJ.

The Simpsonian has moved to web and print platforms. They are covering all sports activities and one can find the story online following the game. The newspaper staff has remained very active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook by giving constant updates of happenings on campus.

KSTM radio now broadcasts live from all home football games as well as one away game. The radio station also has news broadcasts at the top of every hour with weather reports twice an hour. KSTM radio also updates their website on a frequent basis, and it allows listeners to tweet in requests while tuning into the station.

ID magazine will release the first edition in December.

When there is breaking news at Simpson College or Indianola, look to student media to have it first.

Want to know more? Contact one of our professors.

Simpson Communication Majors Get Opportunity to Travel to NYC

Simpson communication majors, Steffi Lee and Maddie Boswell were given the opportunity to travel to New York City to sit on a student voter panel. The panel consisted of students from Simpson College and Hofstra University who came in Republican, Democrat and undecided. This event took place in the CBS studio under the direction of “CBS Evening News” anchor, Scott Pelley.

Maddie Boswell, a junior from Humboldt, Iowa majoring in integrated marketing communication, went into the debate undecided. “When I am at home, I lean towards conservative views, but when I am at school, I agree more with liberal views,” said Boswell. “The third party advertisements have increased this year and this causes twisted information.”

Steffi Lee, a first year from Anaheim, Calif. majoring in multimedia journalism and political science, went into the debated with a conservative view. “I am thankful for this opportunity because it is an opportunity not every student gets to do,” said Lee. “Simpson has provided me with many opportunities that I never dreamed of.”

At the panel, students had the opportunity to meet Scott Pelley and Hofstra students. A lot of discussion on what students would like to see in the future took place. “As college students, we are the future. We have a voice and it needs to be heard,” said Lee.

Lee enjoyed the ability to converse and get along with people who have a variety of views and have all voices heard. “The panel helped me understand what moderates view,” said Lee.

Other students who traveled to New York include Shanice Whitney, a sophomore from Kansas City, Mo. majoring in elementary education, and Jesse Van De Krol, a fifth-year senior from Lynnville, Iowa majoring in exercise science and environmental science.

Be sure to check out their interview with KCCI. Also shown below is their interview with CBS Evening News.

Want more information? Contact one of our faculty members.

Nixie Tube Clock Enclosure

Nixie tube clock

This is an Arduino UNO computer powered clock mounted in an old radio enclosure. The display uses a Nixie tube, which is a gas-filled tube filled with several glowing cathode elements in the shape of numbers. They were invented in 1955 and in use up through the early 1980′s. DFRobot has been selling this Nixie module that make them super-easy to integrate with an Arduino.

Looking inside the enclosure, one can see the Arduino UNO with an LCD shield from Adafruit on top. Attached to the separate breadboard is a Chronodot. The Chronodot keeps a very accurate time, and includes a battery back-up if the clock is unplugged. The Chronodot also includes a thermometer which helps with the accuracy of the time, and provides a nice way to get indoor temperature.

The project pulls about 0.38 amps at 12.1 volts for about 4.5 watts. The Nixie tubes themselves have the voltage stepped up to 170 volts, so caution is required when working with the electronics.

The LCD screen in back allows a person to set the time, an alarm, and the color of the LCD screen. The color of the LEDs that illuminate the outside of the Nixie tubes changes depending on the time of day. When the alarm time hits, a small speaker beeps, an the lights on the nixie tubes flash.

Arduino control of nixie tube clock

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Student Animations, Week 7

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