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EEG study on Attention and Distraction  – Don Evans, Professor of Psychology

Recently completed studies

  • Animal Assistance and the Stress Response – Lauren Sebek, Psychology Major
  • Attachment Style, Social Support and Mood – Miranda Dean, Psychology Major
  • Thoughts and Feelings that Friends and Couples Commonly Experience – Carly Warner, Psychology Major
  • Jealousy Survey – Sydni Loney, Psychology Major
  • Study of Mate Selection conducted – Beth Baltes and Jess Schultes
  • Morgan Mauro, Alexa Cashatt, Taylor Sharp, Sam Cook, Kiley Hudson, & Lindsey Borgomainerio conducted two different studies of mate preferences.
  • Tayler Swacker, Danielle Ault, Marissa Belau and Annie Collins examined whether there is a relationship between snacking habits and procrastination.
  • Kyle Loy and Kolby Warren examined the psychological motivation to lift weights.
  • Paige McConkey, Aubree Gilmore, Kiley Hudson, and Kelli Salemink studied people’s initial desires in a romantic partner and how satisfied they are.
  • Jennifer Gaffney, Jasmine Wreghitt, Phil Krichau, and Josh Eaton  examined people’s attitudes about texting and driving.
  • Hannah Longstreet, Bayley Fleshner, Lauren Martin, Katie Marple, and Courtney Rinner examined how many sexual partners people have had.