Personal Relationships and Sexuality Research Lab

Work in the Personal Relationships and Sexuality Research Lab is conducted by Professor Sal Meyers and undergraduate students working with her. Sal was trained as a romantic relationship researcher. In the last few years, she have been studying sexuality in casual versus committed relationships. Some of these data sets were collected as part of class projects, some were studies she did purely on her own, and some were projects conducted with student collaborators. Here are a few of the posters Sal has presented at conferences about this work. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view of the poster.

  • A Prototype Analysis of Hooking Up


  • Dimensions of the Prototype of Hooking Up


  • What’s Sex Got to Do with It? Interpretation of Features of Hookups and Committed Relationships (student coauthors: Katharine Groehn, Sydni Loney, and Carly Warner)


  • Sexual Motives in Casual versus Committed Relationships: Which Motives Predict Satisfaction? (student coauthors: Andrea Niebuhr, Bethany Mullenax Parker, Stephanie O’Neill, and Lauren Sebek)


The sexuality and relationship research I currently have underway includes a project on the sexual double standard (the tendency for people to view sexual experienced men more positively than sexually experienced women) and a project using the eye-tracking equipment the department has to build on recently published research distinguishing between love and sexual desire based on what heterosexual people look at in a photo of an opposite-sex person.