Student News


Sarah Beadle Head Shot

Sarah Beadle ’16

Sarah Beadle accepted an offer to attend Clemson University’s Human Factors Psychology Ph.D. program.  At Clemson, she will work in the Applied Psychophysiology Laboratory, which has made a wearable device that monitors eating behaviors and conducts research on simulator sickness in head mounted displays.  Sarah studied neuroscience, psychology, and applied philosophy at Simpson.  Her senior thesis in philosophy was Computers, Philosophy, and a Shifting Focus: Examining the Politics of Justice in Public Display Design, while she completed theses in her other areas of study on how people respond to seeing negative comments in an online forum and how people search through crowds for a specific target using the eye tracker.


Trey Scott '16

Trey Scott ’16

Trey Scott will attend Washington University in St. Louis to pursue a PhD in the department of Evolution, Ecology, and Population Biology. He is interested in researching social interactions, multicellularity, and complexity. At Simpson, he majored in Biology and Philosophy. Trey is currently working on two projects at Simpson: The Linguistic Underpinnings of Ethics, in philosophy, and Directed Mutagenesis of the Nylonase Thr-267 Nucleophile and Its Effect on Catalysis, in biology and both will be presented at the Simpson Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Celena Krause Head Shot

Celena Krause ’16


Celena Krause  will graduate with a double major in International Relations and Political Science, and a double minor in French and Philosophy. Her senior thesis discusses the emerging role of emotion in international diplomacy. Celena will enter the fall class as a Hugo Grotius International Law Fellow at Case Western Reserve University College of Law, ranked #11 in International Law. The Cox Center Research Fellowship allows her the opportunity to work on international law projects with the Co-Dean and Director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center. In addition, Celna will have the opportunity to spend her third year abroad in a concurrent degree program where she will finish her Juris Doctorate through Case Western Reserve University College of Law, while simultaneously earning her foreign Master of Laws (LLM).

Alexander Cutchey Head Shot

Alexander Cutchey ’16

After finishing his senior seminar in philosophy titled “Law and Morality: Critiquing Austin’s Command theory of Law,” Alexander Cutchey set his sights on Law school, looking to begin in the fall of 2016.  He was awarded a Dean’s scholarship at University of St. Thomas School of Law, and at Creighton University School of Law. He was also named a recipient of the Iowa Supreme Court Scholarship At Drake University Law School. For Alexander, philosophy at Simpson has been transformative.  He says, “It has taught me how to write, how to think and how to live a life with value and meaning.”



Natasha Shehade '16 and Lauren Doocy '15

Natasha Shehade ’16 (left) with Lauren Doocy ’15


Natasha Shehade is graduating in May of 2016 with degrees in Applied Philosophy and Biology. After realizing how truly miserable she would be if she became a physician, she ventured into the world of philosophy to explore ethical healthcare. She will be attending graduate school at the University of Chicago to pursue a career in midwifery to help women get access to ethical healthcare and have valuable birth experiences! Her senior thesis was “Control In Birth,” which focused on how the treatment of women in birth directly affects their perception of their experience.