New Course: Environmental Ethics

campusday5“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute,” and “Sustainable Development” are just a few of the slogans and terms that have gained prominence in recent decades.  They basically tell us to live in accordance with nature and our surroundings.  But, why should we do this?  And, do our obligations to the environment end at recycling, not polluting our skies and waterways, and using biodegradable materials in the construction of new structures and the remodeling of older ones?



As part of the Sustainability Studies Program, the Applied Philosophy Major, and Philosophy Minor with a Concentration in Ethics, this course will use different philosophical and ethical theories about the moral status of human beings and the non-human environment to explore answers to these questions and more.  Then, we will apply the knowledge we gain from our theoretical investigations to current environmental issues.  Some of these topics could include:  global warming, urban development and ecology, waste production and disposal, sustainability and consumption, and pollution.






This course will meet T TH 11:10-12:40 and is in the process of receiving EV and CT designations.  No prerequisites or previous ethics experience is required.  Please contact Dr. Allison Wolf at 515-961-1223 or for more information.

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