Philosophy Major

Courses in philosophy may be taken by students who seek a deeper and more critical understanding of themselves, their values, and the philosophies competing for their allegiance. The aim is to develop a deepened awareness of the persistent and ultimate questions that people have asked themselves about their world, and to provide some significant answers that have been given to these questions. The department also seeks to help students understand the manner in which philosophy aids in the study of all other disciplines, and in the endeavor to formulate and resolve practical problems in contemporary society and culture. The final aim of the department is to teach and examine all the main questions of philosophy and their practical implications in relation to what it means to live a good and valuable human life.

To address the diverse interests and needs of a large variety of students who study philosophy, the department offers two major tracks, a minor in philosophy and a minor in ethics. Students cannot major in both philosophy and applied philosophy, and they cannot combine either the philosophy or applied philosophy majors with a minor in ethics.

Philosophy Major

Students will complete nine courses plus the capstone as follows:


  • Phil 102 Introduction to Philosophy
  • Phil 105 Introduction to Ethics
  • Phil 110 Introduction to Logic
  • Phil 265 Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • Phil 340 Value Theory

Choose one of the following:

  • Phil 121 Ancient/Medieval Philosophy
  • Phil 122 Modern Philosophy

Choose one of the following:

  • Phil 211 Feminist Ethics
  • Phil 311 Feminist Philosophy

Choose two 300-level electives in Philosophy


  • Phil 385 Senior Seminar

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