Plan for Success! Internship Grant

“Internships equal opportunity. Students get workplace skills and contacts to put career goals in reach. But many internships are unpaid, which excludes students who need a paycheck.”

“Colleges receiving grants will collaborate with local businesses and nonprofits to develop new paid internships and convert existing unpaid internships into paid opportunities. When internships are unpaid, students who can’t afford to work for free miss the chance to gain a competitive edge in the job market. These new internships will give juniors and seniors with any level of financial need real-world experience within their field of study, and a better chance at competing with their wealthier peers for jobs after graduation.”
– Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation


Simpson College has been awarded a Career Ready Internship Grant from Great Lakes, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping make college and paid internships a reality. Simpson is one of only 40 institutions to receive the grant, and is but one of three Iowa colleges. The grant will provide 80 Simpson College students with financial need the opportunity to complete a paid internship in the 2014-2015 academic year. Internship experiences will take place with new employers interested in working with Simpson College students, with existing internship partners who have hosted unpaid experiences in the past, and with EMERGE, the college’s business incubator.

Creation of Internship Opportunities:

Bobbi Meyer, Simpson College’s Internship Coordinator, will be leading the effort to both create new internship opportunities and convert previously unpaid internships to paid ones.  The bulk of internships created will be with organizations that have not previously hosted Simpson College interns, as one of the goals of the grant is to expand the college’s internship network.  Selection of internship sites will be strategic to provide opportunities to students in as many majors as possible at Simpson College .   If you are an employer who would like to get involved, a faculty member with a good lead on a connection, or a student with an interest in a particular organization, please contact Bobbi at, (515) 961-1372. Once determined, all internship positions will be posted on and marketed through CareerPaths, Simpson College’s online job bulletin.

Internship Logistics:

Internships, which are part of the Plan for Success! Internship Grant, will take place during the Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Summer 2015 semesters.   Each internship will require 120 hours of on-site work. Students will be paid an hourly wage of $12.00, to be paid monthly by Simpson College.  Simpson will approve student timecards and cover taxes related to the students’ employment.

Who can Apply:

To apply for an internship position, students must meet the financial need requirement.  Need is determined by a review of the students’ financial aid packages.  The Career Services staff will maintain an updated list of eligible students provided by the Office of Financial Assistance.  Students must also have a class standing of junior or senior; however, students entering their junior year in Fall 2016 are eligible for a summer 2015 internship.

Student Selection:

If a student is a junior or senior and meets the financial need requirement, he/she may apply for open positions listed as part of the Plan for Success! Internship Grant Program on CareerPaths. The review of student applications, candidate interviews, and selection will be completed by the partnering employer.

Student Participation:

All students selected for a Plan for Success! Internship will be required to submit a learning plan with anticipated goals. Students will also be responsible for submitting a monthly timecard of hours worked and a final self-evaluation. Employers will fill out midterm and final performance evaluations on their interns. Students will be encouraged to take their internship for academic credit, which will facilitate deeper reflection and a connection to their academic curriculum, but will not be required. All coordination of internships will be handled by Bobbi Meyer, Simpson College’s Internship Coordinator.