Careers in Political Science & Law

What can you do with a Simpson degree? See jobs held by our successful graduates below, or hear first-hand from Poli Sci or Law alumni & students.


Meghan (Berryman) Chaffee ’10 was a double major in Political Science/Philosophy and an intern for the Iowa Attorney General while at Simpson. Meghan graduated from the University of Nebraska Law in 2013 and clerked for the Nebraska Hospital Association. Meghan was offered a job with NHA after graduation, and currently works as a Legal Counsel for the Nebraska Legislature.

The Legal Profession

  • Judge, District Court of Nebraska
  • Assistant Attorney General, State of Iowa
  • Clerk, Missouri Supreme Court
  • Legal Staff, Child Support Recovery Unit
  • Iowa County Attorneys (Polk, Clarke)
  • General Counsel, Fareway
  • Clerk, 8th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Public Defender, Polk County
  • Anti-Trust Attorney, U.S. Justice Department
  • Counsel/Lobbyist, Nebraska Hospital Assoc.
  • Environmental Clerk, law firm


Politics & Communications

    • Scheduler, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)
    • Senior Researcher, Center for Media & Democracy
    • Scheduler, Office of Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds
    • Communications Director, Next Gen Climate
    • Public Affairs Reporter, Des Moines Register
    • Senior Executive, LS2 Political Consulting
    • Consultant, Victory Enterprises (R)

What jobs and career fields can you enter with a degree in political science or the law? Click the above image to read the APSA (American Political Science Association) PDF booklet, “Careers and the Study of Political Science.”

  • Research Analyst, Link Strategies (D)
  • Finance Director, Iowa Democratic Party
  • Staff, U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Marketing Coordinator, Iowa Startup Accelerator
  • Operations Director, America’s Renewable Future
  • Communications, Conservation Law Foundation
  • Director of Govt Relations/Energy, Wilderness Society



  • Administrator, Florida Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • Assistant to the President of the Iowa Senate
  • Analyst, Iowa Legislative Services Agency
  • Analyst, Kansas Legislative Research Department
  • Legislative Affairs, Transportation Security (TSA)
  • Senior Legislative Analyst, Colorado Legislature
  • Tax Auditor, NY Department of Tax & Finance
  • Attorney, Iowa Insurance Division


Corporate & Lobbying


Tessa Lengeling ’15 took full advantage of Simpson’s prime location for Iowa and national politics. She has worked for the Iowa Democratic Party, a Congressional campaign, and in journalism and communications for Iowa Public Affairs Watch and the Iowa House Democrats. With all that amazing experience, it is no wonder she got a job immediately after graduation as Iowa Press Secretary for NextGen Climate campaign.

  • Vice President, Assoc. of General Contractors of Iowa
  • Executive Director, Iowa Renewable Fuels Assoc.
  • CEO, Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Legislative Assistant, Capital Edge lobbying
  • Research Analyst, American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Senior Applications Analyst, Sony Entertainment
  • Government Relations, Cerner (London, UK)
  • Government Relations, Iowa Hospital Association
  • Director of Government Relations, Cyngenta


International & Military

  • Officer, U.S. Secret Service
  • Logistics Officer, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Senior Associate for Security, Command Consulting Group
  • Linguistics Officer, U.S. Air Force
  • Foreign Service Officer, U.S. State Department
  • Language Trainer, Wissen International
  • Officer, U.S. Special Operations Command
  • Pilot, U.S. Navy
  • Peace Corps


Education and more!

  • Ph.D. student in Political Science, U of Texas – Dallas
  • Law students: Georgetown University, UNC, Drake, Nebraska
  • Education Specialist, Library of Congress
  • Curator’s Assistant, Monticello
  • Global Studies teacher
  • Social Studies teacher
  • Government teacher