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zach“Simpson’s close proximity to Des Moines allowed me to utilize valuable professional connections. Simpson offers me so many opportunities: as a Culver Fellow, I helped host debates for the U.S. Senate and House in 2014. I serve as president of Interfraternity Council. I worked as a field consultant for a political consulting firm until the midterm election.

I was elected president of my class, which allowed me to develop as a leader and be involved with important decisions that affect fellow students. I also traveled all over the country competing in speech and debate tournaments.

Currently I work full-time (and also get internship credit) in the Iowa House of Representatives, serving as the legislative secretary for the House Majority Whip.” — Zach Goodrich ’18

Megan_Christie16b“I transferred to Simpson because it gave me a fantastic scholarship and I wanted to experience Iowa politics. I love how small my classes are and how all my teachers know my name and are willing to answer all of my questions. I have interned with Senator John Thune (R-SD), worked as a staffer for the Mike Rounds for U.S. Senate campaign (he won!), and then had the opportunity to intern with Governor Branstad’s office in the state capitol this last spring.

Currently, I’m an Iowa field staffer for a presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. My future plans are to graduate from Simpson with my Political Science degree and go on to be a campaign manager and win many campaigns!” — Megan Assman ’17

AustinJacobs_solo“I came to Simpson because it was a place where everyone cared. It was small enough where you could get to know all your professors, but close enough to Des Moines to take advantage of all the opportunities. Indianola is just 15 miles south of the Iowa Capitol, so we see a lot of political activity!

I’ve worked on campaigns, including for U.S. Senator Joni Ernst and Governor Branstad. I’ve met almost every potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate. I’ve also worked as an intern in the Governor’s office. I currently work as an intern for the West Des Moines Economic Development office and plan to go to graduate school, probably at Drake, and will continue to work on campaigns and dabble in politics.” — Austin Jacobs ’16

KyleHauswirth_16“I have been passionate about politics since I was 11, so I was looking for a college with a strong political science department and internship opportunities. Simpson has afforded me many amazing opportunities in my four years here. I have had internships every summer, including for Congressman Tom Latham’s campaign and the Republican Party of Iowa.

The most incredible opportunity was the CHIP program in D.C. and working for Senator Chuck Grassley. This led to a job as Data Director of the Republican Party of Iowa’s Victory Program. Working as upper management in a campaign in a swing state was an amazing learning opportunity. My advisors at Simpson are extremely helpful and supportive and worked with me to make it happen. I have never once regretted coming to Simpson College, and I would highly recommend that anyone interested in a degree or career in politics come here.” — Kyle Hauswirth ’16


Poli Sci alumni profiles


O'Malley2“I came to Simpson because it felt like home. It’s a beautiful campus and I felt comfortable right away. People cared about my experience and about the students. When I came to Simpson, that was perfect timing for the 2012 Obama election, where I got my first taste of volunteering for a campaign, and I loved it. I did multiple internships, including at the Iowa Democratic Party and for the Bruce Braley for Senate campaign. I even had the chance to introduce Sen. Elizabeth Warren at an event.

Simpson gave me invaluable life experience and connections. Before graduation I was offered a job as the Communications Director for Iowa’s NextGen climate campaign, where I work to raise awareness about climate change. We’ll see what the future holds, but I know my Simpson family will always have my back.” — Tessa Lengeling ’15

TaylorVDK“At Simpson, I had four internships. I interned for State Senator Danielson. Then I worked on the Leonard Boswell for Congress campaign. I also volunteered for the 2012 Obama campaign. Junior year I traveled to D.C. in Simpson’s CHIP program and interned for Senator Tom Harkin. I was able to earn college credit and gain experience working at the heart of U.S. politics.

I was a clerk for Iowa Senate President Pam Jochum at the State Capitol. With the location of Simpson, I was able to earn college credit and still make it back to Simpson at night. The clerkship led to my first job as a political staffer for a labor union in 2014. Thanks to Simpson alumni and the hard work I put in, I landed a full-time job at graduation. Isn’t that the  goal of college? Internships lead to jobs.” — Taylor Van De Krol ’14

EmilyDavis_11“After graduating, I taught in Orléans, France. Then I found a job as a Pedagogical Assistant and English Trainer at a private language center in Orléans called Wissen International. We provide language courses to professionals all over France. A few months ago I was promoted to Pedagogical Director, which means I research new teaching methods and decide which methods our center will use. I set up language immersion programs in the South of England and in London where we send students for immersion language training.

I just started an MA in Development Education at the University of London. I know Simpson’s emphasis on international exploration (May term, study abroad, languages) helped me to prepare for my life after college. I had a great experience with all of my professors, and Simpson’s liberal arts approach of critical thinking and interactive learning proved invaluable in my work and continued studies.” — Emily Davis (Intl Relations’11

TiaNearmyer_07small“While at Simpson, I was involved with College Democrats, intramurals, The Simpsonian and TriDelta sorority. I interned for Governor Tom Vilsack, WHO-TV, and New Voters Project. I spent a May term in Thailand and amazing semester in D.C. interning for Congressman Al Wynn (D-MD) through Simpson’s CHIP program.

After graduating, I got a job with Congressman Dave Loebsack. I worked as a staff assistant before being promoted to Legislative Correspondent. After attending grad school in Texas, I moved back to Iowa in 2010 to work on Congressman Boswell’s campaign. I worked for President Obama’s 2012 campaign in Michigan, and I am now Operations Director for America’s Renewable Future. My time at Simpson was amazing and absolutely prepared me for my career. Professors pushed me to do more and think bigger. Each internship led to more opportunities, and I still benefit from all the connections I made in college.” — Tia Nearmyer ’07

NicoleMolt_05“While at Simpson I was president of KKG sorority, traveled to Great Britain, and interned for Senator Grassley. Currently, I am Vice President for Government Relations at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI). ABI is Iowa’s largest trade association, representing businesses of all sizes at the Capitol. I lead our grassroots and political efforts. Before ABI, I worked in agribusiness lobbying in D.C. and as president of the Iowa Taxpayers Association. I was honored to receive the Recent Alumni Achievement Award in 2011.

Simpson definitely prepared me for the “real world.” I learned organization, time management, and how to work with others. I learned from professors who were passionate and encouraged me to think critically and look at both sides of issues. My Simpson experience and career thus far wouldn’t be possible without the outstanding faculty and staff at Simpson. I am grateful for my Simpson experience and do my best to give back whenever I can now.” — Nicole (Molt) Crain ’05

JesseHarris_03“At Simpson I did a summer internship with Congressman Boswell in Washington, D.C. I also played basketball all four years. In 2008, I was the get-out-the-vote director for the Iowa Democratic Party, assisting in Obama’s 2008 campaign. Prior to that, I served as political director for Senator Tom Harkin and field director for Chet Culver’s campaign in 2006. I served as state director for an SEIU labor union campaign, developing political and communications strategy to engage activists in the health care debate.

More recently, I served as Iowa’s Deputy Secretary of State, where I directed the business services division, budgeting, and communications in the 2010 primary/general elections. These last four years, I have been a Senior Account Executive at LS2 Group, a bipartisan public affairs and public relations firm. Looking back, Simpson helped provide the critical thinking skills needed for me to succeed in a highly charged political environment and to lead complex public affairs efforts.” — Jesse Harris ’03, who was named one of “Iowa’s Top 11 Political Influencers” in 2012

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