International Relations

Want to get inside the minds of great world leaders and learn from their decisions? International Relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary major for students interested in global issues and diplomacy. In IR, you’ll learn about Latin American politics, Asian history, world religions, and more. Then test your skills and meet students from other colleges/universities at the Model U.N. competition.

Learn more about Model U.N.

Abdo Ali ’13, a refugee from Darfur, revels in his Model U.N. conference experience: “It was the best weekend of my college career!”

What are the required courses for an International Relations major?

  • PoSc 130 Model United Nations (1 credit)
  • PoSc 240 World Politics
  • PoSc 340 Politics of a Changing World
  • PoSc 385 Senior Seminar

Three of the following: (at least two from Political Science)

  • PoSc 230 West European Politics
  • PoSc 231 Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • PoSc 232 Asian Politics
  • PoSc 233 Latin American Politics
  • Span 213 Latin American Culture and Civilization*
  • Hist 309 Contemporary Europe
  • Hist 275 History of India
  • Hist 276 History of China

Three of the following:

  • Anth 110 Cultural Anthropology
  • Art 204 Survey of Non-Western Art
  • Econ 230 Economic Development**
  • PoSc 245 Global Issues
  • Rel 120 Intro to World Religions
  • Rel 233 Islam
  • Rel 263 Ethics, Religion and Conflict
  • Phil 255 Ethics of Development & Consumption

One semester of a World Language above the 102 level

With permission of the department, participation in the Drew University Semester or the CHIP semester in Washington DC may substitute for some requirements.

*Prerequisite for Spanish 213 is Spanish 202 or equivalent.

**Prerequisite for Economics 230 is Economics 101 or 102.