Clubs and Organizations

Political Science students are leaders on campus, from student government and The Simpsonian to the Culver Center and political groups.


Pre-Law Society

Pre-Law Society is open to any student who is thinking about law school. The group invites speakers to the campus and takes field trips related to the legal profession. Pre-Law Society is a link to: advice on choosing and applying to a law school, information on areas of legal specialization and practice, and current issues in law. The group attends Dwight Opperman Lectures featuring U.S. Supreme Court Justices and arranges field trips to Drake Law School, University of Iowa Law School, and Nebraska law schools.

Simpson College Republicans meet Sen. Chuck Grassley at 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom event


Simpson College Republicans   twitter

This student-run organization promotes the values and interests of the Republican Party at Simpson College and in the state of Iowa. Leaders in the College Republicans (or CRs) volunteer for local, state, and national campaigns, link students to internships with the Republican Party and other conservative organizations, and invite speakers to campus to speak about Republican ideals.  Each election year, the college hosts a formal debate between College Republicans and Democrats.  This popular event is one of the highlights of election season. Members of the Simpson CRs are currently in volunteer and paid positions with various 2016 presidential candidates in the lead-up to the Iowa Caucuses.


Simpson College Democrats  twitter

Simpson College Democrat MacKenzie Bills meets Hillary Clinton at Iowa Capitol, 2015 (AP photo)

This student-run group supports the issues and candidates of the Democratic Party at Simpson College and in Iowa. The group participates in Iowa Caucus season events, volunteers in campaign field offices, sponsors “get out the vote” and other issue awareness campaigns, and brings Democratic and progressive speakers to campus to educate students and community members about Democratic ideals. College Democrats attended the Obama-Biden 2012 campaign’s “Iowa Youth Summit.” Members of the group travel together to Iowa Democratic Party events and campaign rallies. Simpson Democrats work as clerks in the Iowa State legislature and as interns for 2016 presidential candidates (including Clinton and Sanders) and progressive lobbying organizations in Iowa.