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Obama’s campaign strategist (David Axelrod) at a Culver Center event at Simpson College in 2015.

Intern at the White House, walk the halls of the Capitol, assist a U.S. Attorney, meet leaders at Culver Center events, and travel to Washington D.C. for the semester or May Term. You can do it all at Simpson!


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Want to live & intern in Washington, D.C.?

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Immediately after graduating, Austin Jacobs ’16 was offered a job as the scheduler and communications advisor for Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. Click HERE to see other Simpson success stories in Political Science.


What are the required courses for a Political Science major?

    • PoSc 101 American Government
    • PoSc 240 World Politics
    • PoSc 385 Senior Seminar

Harvard University scholar John Della Volpe talks to Simpson students about his surveys of “Millennials” at a Culver event.

One course in Comparative Politics:

  • PoSc 230 West European Politics
  • PoSc 231 Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • PoSc 232 Asian Politics
  • PoSc 233 Latin American Politics

One course in American Institutions:

  • PoSc 215 American Political Parties and Elections
  • PoSc 250 American Presidency
  • PoSc 315 Supreme Court and the Constitution

One course in Public Policy:

  • PoSc 245 Global Issues
  • PoSc 270 American Public Policy
  • PoSc 370 Environmental Politics

Poli Sci Electives


Ann Selzer, ranked by FiveThirtyEight.com as the #1 pollster in the nation, explains the “magic” of surveys to Simpson students.

    • Choose four Political Science courses.

What about a Political Science minor?

  • PoSc 101 American Government
  • PoSc 240 World Politics
  • Political Science electives (3 courses)

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