Political Science Major

Harvard University’ scholar Dr. John Della Volpe talks to Simpson students about his recent surveys of “Millennial” politics at one of many John C. Culver Public Policy Center election-year events in 2012.

Walk the marbled halls of the U.S. Capitol, work for the Iowa Attorney General, hear first-hand from news makers at Culver Center events, or travel to Washington D.C. or London for May Term to see democracy at work. You can experience it all as you find success as a political science major at Simpson.


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What are the required courses for a Political Science major?

  • PoSc 101 American Government
  • PoSc 240 World Politics
  • PoSc 385 Senior Seminar

One course in Comparative Politics:

  • PoSc 230 West European Politics
  • PoSc 231 Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • PoSc 232 Asian Politics
  • PoSc 233 Latin American Politics

One course in American Institutions:

  • PoSc 215 American Political Parties and the Electoral Process
  • PoSc 250 American Presidency
  • PoSc 315 Supreme Court and the Constitution

One course in Public Policy:

  • PoSc 245 Global Issues
  • PoSc 270 American Public Policy
  • PoSc 370 Environmental Politics

Political Science Electives

  • Choose four Political Science courses.

Students considering graduate work in political science, international relations, law, or public policy are strongly advised to take POSC 285.

Normally, May Term courses do not satisfy departmental requirements.

No more than 4 credits from an internship (POSC 319) may be counted as an elective toward a major or minor.

What are the required courses for a Political Science minor?

  • PoSc 101 American Government
  • PoSc 240 World Politics
  • Political Science electives (3 courses)

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