Pre-Law Program

Simpson students have access to a new 3+3 pathway with Drake Law. Click this image to learn more about the program!

With notable alumni, a semester in D.C., and a new 3+3 pathway with Drake Law, Simpson is a great place to start your successful legal career in Iowa or beyond.

Simpson Pre-Law focuses on skills top law schools desire: critical thinking and writing. Small class sizes and personal advising will help with internships, law school applications, and those crucial letters of recommendation. You can even join one of the nation’s top debate teams or Simpson’s new speech team, a great way for a future attorney to practice his/her skills.

Pre-Law Brochure What Can I Do with a Law Degree?

How successful are Simpson graduates?

Simpson alumni like Katheryn Pearson ’10 (below) are accepted to and thrive in excellent law schools in Iowa and across the nation, including Notre Dame, Loyola University, the University of Iowa, and Drake University. Simpson College is a great place to prepare for a top U.S. law school and future success in an amazing variety of careers.

Why study pre-law at Simpson? Listen to our alumni:

Simpson Pre-Law graduates have interned with the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Senate, U.S. Attorney’s office, Iowa Attorney General, Iowa legislature, and top law firms. They attain successful careers in legal and policy fields.

Jay Byers, Pre-Law ’93 Nate Boulton, Pre-Law ’02 Alison Stewart, Pre-Law ’04

What majors are a good fit for Pre-Law students?

The preparation law schools demand can be found in majors like History, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, and many others. As a Pre-Law student, you can even double-major in two fields of interest!

What courses are suggested for Pre-Law students?

Courses will vary based on your interests or intended specialization.

Every other May term, Simpson students travel to D.C. to experience the capital firsthand. Here we wait to enter the U.S. Supreme Court to watch Justices announce a ruling.

  • Phil 110 Introduction to Logic
  • Econ 100 Principles of Economics
  • Acct 201 Introduction to Accounting
  • Mgmt 231 Business Law and Business Ethics I

2 of the following:

  • Hist 201 US History to 1877
  • Hist 202 US History Since 1877
  • CJ 220 Criminal Justice Systems
  • Comm 301 Media Law & Ethics

2 of the following:

  • PoSc 101 American Government
  • PoSc 315 The Supreme Court and the Constitution
  • PoSc 325 The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties
  • PoSc 358 Constitutional History of the U.S

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