Time Line

May/June 2012
1. Board appoints and charges Search Committee
2. AGB Search meets with committee to share timeline and search plan
3. Committee agrees on schedule and dates of future meetings
4. AGB Search drafts institutional profile for committee review/edit

July 2012 through September 2012
1. Institutional profile and brochure completed and approved
2. Advertising strategy approved and initiated in national publications
3. Call for nominations and direct recruiting initiated
4. Applications accepted and posted on AGB Search website (9/21/12 deadline)

Mid-September and October 2012
1. Committee begins to review and screen applications
2. Committee meets to begin to identify short list of candidates (10/4/12)
3. Reference checking and due diligence initiated

October/November 2012
1. Preliminary interviews scheduled
2. Preliminary interviews scheduled and hosted (10/26/12 and 10/27/12)
3. Committee selects final candidates for campus visits
4. Campus interviews scheduled (weeks of 11/5 and 11/12)

November and Early Winter 2012
1. Meeting of search committee following campus visits to develop recommendation
to board (11/15/12)
2. Search committee recommendation forwarded to board
3. Board reviews recommendation, conducts its own due diligence and deliberations
4. Board chair extends offer