Participate in Research

Sexual Encounter Perceptions (IRB approval #1718-634)
Researcher: Laken Baird

Health Care Decisions (IRB approval #1718-416)
Researcher: Megan Bradley

Academic Majors (IRB approval #1718-451)
Researchers: Ben Harrison, Courtney Craig, and Victoria Jordan

Procrastination (IRB approval #1718-825)
Researchers: Stacy Overman, Briles Christenson, Mariah Clark, Kelsey Roquet

Romantic Relationships (IRB approval 1718-13)
Researchers: Danielle Johnson, Bre Waugh, Paige Raider, Miriam McDonough, Nate Hayes

Moral Character (IRB approval 1718-150)
Researchers: Katrina Hartman, Ryan Lehr, Kelsey Poppe, Madison Rasmusson, Claire Tillotson

Emotions (IRB approval 1718-16)
Researchers: Guen Stone, Cami Schmalz, Ashley Partee, Madison Koonce

Study Strategies (IRB approval 1718-50)
Researchers: Austin Gilbert, Cyana VanWeelden, Rebekah Kroese, Morgan McFarland

Select Studies Completed

College Textbook Study (IRB approval #2181)
Researcher: Kristen Alstott

Pupil Dilation in Response to Images (IRB approval #2845)
Researcher: Hallen Phung

Reading Comprehension and College Athletes (IRB approval #7700)
Researcher: Braedon Tovey

Creativity: Online Survey (IRB approval #7240)
Researchers: Lori McGinnis, Taylor Andrews, Kylie Wood, and Jordan Williamson

Athletics, Motivation, and Goal Setting: Online Survey (IRB approval #7051)
Researchers: Robert King, Maggie Long, Katy McCollum, and Emma Johanson

Beliefs about English and Math Courses: Online Study (IRB approval #4902)
Researchers: Cody Isabel, Sarah Bonnot, Mary Hudson, and Aliya Ryan

Hostile Intent: Online Study (IRB approval #392)
Researchers: Kelsie Tomlin, Amanda Anderson, Emily Goodenbour, and Ryan Zeka