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The major in psychology is designed with four purposes in mind: (1) preparation for graduate study and a career in psychology; (2) preparation for vocations where extensive background in psychology is necessary, such as general counseling and some careers in human services; (3) general preparation for related vocations, such as business, education, law, advertising, or nursing; and (4) a broadening educational experience which will contribute to the understanding of self and others.

What are the required courses for a Psychology Major?

Introduction to the Field of Psychology

  • Psyc 101 Introduction to Psychology

Methods Courses

  • Psyc 214 Research Methods in Psychology
  • Psyc 215 Statistical Methods in Psychology

One Foundation course from each group

Foundations in Cognitive, Biological & Learning Processes

  • Psyc 233 Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Psyc 237 Cognitive Psychology

Foundations in Clinical. Developmental & Social Processes

  • Psyc 201 Developmental Psychology
  • Psyc 250 Abnormal Psychology
  • Psyc 220 Psychology of Gender

One Upper Level course from each group

Cognitive, Biological, and Learning Processes

  • Psyc 329 Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Psyc 331 Learning and Behavior
  • Psyc 334 Psychology of Language
  • Psyc 336 Sensation and Perception

Clinical, Developmental, and Social Processes

  • Psyc 322 Social Psychology
  • Psyc 342 Personality
  • Psyc 343 Clinical Psychology
  • Psyc 349 Adolescent Development

Electives: Three additional courses, at least one numbered 300 or above, from those listed above or Psyc 376 Advanced Research II

One capstone in Psychology course

  • Psyc 351 Practicum in Psychology
  • Psyc 375 Advanced Research I

Total 10 courses plus capstone